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On TRT (Just Saying Hi)


Age: 32
185 lbs
23% BF
Total: 294 (range 285-950)
Free: 68 (range 50-247)
% Free: 2.3
Sex binding globulin: 21 (10-24)

Free T4: .9 (.6-1.5)
Free T3: 2.9 (2.5-3.9)
TSH: 2.51 (.5-5)

Estradiol TMS: 3.4 (range is 10-42)

Luteinizing hormone: 2.1 (1.5-9.3)

Got put on test cyp inection 200 mg per week. I am also on "nature-throid" which from what I am reading is the same as aurmor (sp) for thyroid issues.

I had gained quite a bit of weight and was up to 205, I probably wasn't eating the best but the gains were not in proportion and I would say a good majority of it was water. THrough dieting (1600 cals/day) and lifting got down to 174. After I got put on TRT I went up to 185 in less than 3 weeks. I am currenly on my 3rd week of TRT.

My strength has increased 30%, my sex drive is through the roof (wife=happy).

I'm going in for blood work again in 2 weeks.

I think on this dose I can get put on quite a bit of lean mass though I am happy enough with my symptoms of low T going away.

What do you guys think about cycling off every now and then and doing PCT to try to keep the natural T going (and just live with the symptoms for a while). Then starting it up again.


Forget cycling!

There is an [edit] button on your post. Use and add lab units and ranges to your lab results.

Much of what you are feeling is transient and E2 can cut things short. Read the stickies.

Low T can lower thyroid levels. TRT might decrease your need for thyroid meds. Watch for symptoms.

Do you use iodized salt and eat seafood?

Do you have kids now? How do you feel about loss of fertility?


I do not put salt on my food, though I am sure some foods have it. I do not eat any seafoods at all.

I have 3 kids already.

Are you saying my strength increase and increased sex drive won't last? I understand if E2 gets too high it can have issues, so I am having it monitored and may try some HCG or some sort of AI protocol.


There often is a period of hyper sexuality with the start of TRT that is transient.

Most prepared foods are not made with iodized salt. As the population has started eating more prepared foods and started using kosher salt and sea salt; iodine deficiencies are becoming wide spread. Not eating sea food slams the door on the other source of iodine. If you do not eat fish, you loose a source of EFAs and fish-oil caps become more important.

You still need to edit lab ranges into your original post as I suggested earlier.


Ranges added. I'll add units if needed but it probably the standard units for each value. I have 4 or 5 pages of results, these are just a few. In terms of hyper sexuality, I'm fine if it settles down to atleast higher levels of activity, 4 or 5 times a day is certainy hyperactive.

What about strength gains, will that continue?


Strength gains depend on many factors; genetics, commitment to training, diet, T, E, T3, T4

Do not forget iodine.


How does t3 and t4 affect strength? I thought they were mainly metabolism regulators


Ask someone with hypothyroidism if they feel weak.


Thats true lol! Does that more so have to do with energy then actual effects on muscle?

I guess what I am asking is what hormones have the most direct effects on muscle growth itself. Is it testosterone, IGF-1, etc?


You need everything working to feel right.


Trust me you will pass the sweet spot very soon. Mine was after about 3-4 weeks. I was hard and horny ALL the time for about 10 days and then my E2 went out of control from 18 to 49 in a few weeks. I would be ready to make adjustments and fine tune while having some ups and downs. At 200mg a week I would be shocked if your E2 doesnâ??t go crazy high.

My strength went up when I started thyroid hormones as I was not bagged when I got to the gym each day.

If you donâ??t want to add salt get an iodine supp they are very cheap as well all mutli vitamins have iodine in them.
I took 60mg of iodine a day for months with no change to TSH, T$ or T3. My doc who treats many people with iodine admitted to me that he had not seen any noticeable change to any of his patients with iodine supps.