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On TRT - Just Ordered Dbol

I’ve been on TRT (200/week) for a little over 6 months… things are progressing slowly buy surely. I’m 6’4" and 218, 16% BF. I want to add some mass quickly, and have ordered 100ct 10mg Dbol.

My questions are:

• Is it better to run 20mg/day for 5-7 weeks, or 30mg/day for 1 month? Or is it all the same?

• Do I need PCT or ask my TRT Doc for an AI? Or is that not needed on this short-term cycle?

Any advice is welcomed.

Others may disagree, but you’ll feel just 10 mgs. It’s gonna put water bloat on too. I do love it though. Enjoy my friend. Seriously, start low though. Is this your first rodeo with the juice?

I’d advise against this just because you are so new to TRT. You will continue to get body comp improvements from the TRT for 12-18 months and running Dbol with the TRT is just going to put you at risk of fucking things up with your TRT docs.

How often do they blood test you? What are your test levels now? E2? You need this information to plan around the blood testing.

If your E2 levels are fine, they won’t give you an AI. If your E2 levels spike, they’re going to get suspicious.

I’m not saying don’t do it, just saying you should get comfortable with the protocols and establish some trust with the TRT docs before you do it.

Of course, this is all assuming that you are not a seasoned AAS user.

And no, you do not need PCT - that question answers the seasoned AAS user issue as well.

Keep reading, be patient.

Are you on an AI now with trt? What’s your e2? Labs? Dbol will raise estrogen more than just trt alone. I would have an AI on hand just to be safe.