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On TRT - Increase my T Dose


My TRT is going well, and now I'd like to get back in the gym and start to build a bit. I'm 57 good shape but now that I feel good on TRT I want to take full advantage of the new me so I wanted to know if I need to increase my T dose since I'll be using more, due to working out?

T Cyp .25 200mg x2 weekly Sub-q

HCG .5 1250 U x 3 weekly

TT 1200 FT 36



I wouldn't at all increase your T dose. You are already above range and numbers look good although they don't have units and ranges. Anything more would be like doing steroids.

Just my opinion :slightly_smiling:


When were your labs done in relation to your shots?

Work out for a bit and retest. I'm sure you won't see a huge difference.


I think that your hCG dose is way too high. Please post all of your labs WITH ranges. We need to see where E2-estradiol is.

When it comes to hCG, more is not better. 250iu SC EOD is all that most need, and consider the cost too.

Please read the advice for new guys sticky.