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On TRT, Healthy Options to Add?

Sorry if this doesn’t belong here but on trt and loving it.
Can I build and continue to bruilf muscle with my trt?
Also if looking to add something what’s the safest overall option for health?
Oxandrolone from my hrt doc (50 mg around 4 weeks). Done few times per year
Nandrolone low dose x 16 weeks? Again all offered through the hrt clinic I use…


Let’s try it again here–> TRT or Not, Advice?

Not sure what you mean?

I’m on the 16 week deca protocol that my endo uses. Absolutely love it. It doesn’t really add much in the way of muscle mass at the low dose, but it’s been great for joint relief and sex drive.

What dose?

I’m shocked an endo even knows what nandrolone is! Less much one who writes it

100mg/wk. As I understand it that is considered a good therapeutic dose. My endo quit his gig at a hospital about ten years ago and opened up his own whole health clinic. He does only trt now. He’s expensive but he knows his stuff and he’s been a huge help for me.

Deca only cycle is dangerous, you need to keep some T in circulation.

The 200mg/w that I’m on is probably enough to cover that.

200 mg nandrolone with trt base

That’ll probably work well.