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On TRT: Good TT and FT but Low DHT

I’ve been on TRT since October and I am jus’ about dialed in with my dosages although I went too low with my AI so I’m scaling back currently. However, I never tested DHT before and recently had the test done.

My results (2nd day of E4D regime of T Cyp):

DHT: 20 (Range 30-80)

My primary reason for going on TRT was low libido which has not improved since I’ve been on TRT. I’m thinking about adding in DHT but there is not much literature on the subject and not much info on these forums as well. Anyone on DHT creams? I’m reading that Andractim is not available in the U.S.? If so, what can I do about my low DHT numbers?


Anyone? Bump!

i’ve read that appling test cream/gel to the scrotum will cause dht levels to rise. not sure on how test injections affect dht

Keep your posts in one single thread–bloodworks are not analyzed as a snap shot, and more info helps. This is why we always request that here.