On TRT for 5 Years, Need a New Doctor

Hi everyone,

I am 29 years old, and I have been on TRT since I was 24. At that time I had total testosterone at 400 ng/dl (which is still in the range), but free testosterone and estradiol below the lower range limit. Three doctor gave me TRT over the last five years.

When I’m off therapy, my total testosterone drops down to 200-250 ng/dl (220ng/dl in my last blood test). Symptoms are low sex drive, weak erections (if present at all), physical fatigue, facial hair spots. These symptoms just disappear in a matter of few weeks when I do injections.

I do not drink/smoke/do drugs, I train regularly, eat clean, I sleep 8 hours per day, I do not have other physical or mental conditions and I’m not on any particular medication, besides TRT. Natural testosterone boosters didn’t work at all. And I have used testosterone under medical prescription only.

I’ve just moved to the US from Europe, so I am currently off therapy. My total testosterone came out at 220 ng/dl in my last blood test, as I mentioned above. Clearly, five years on therapy have suppressed furter my natural production. While I had some symptoms when I was 24 (i.e., before TRT), the situation is much worse now, and the iatrogenic suppression sure has quite an important role here. I tried, about 2 years ago, to quit TRT and my doctor gave me HCG to recover, but after more than six months my test was still below 350 ng/dl.

As I am feeling like crap (see the above symptoms), I would like to get back on testosterone injections. Back home, I have been visited by many doctors who didn’t want to prescribe testosterone and, before I found willing doctors, I had to spend hundreds of Euros just to be denied a prescription every time.

I am not used to American doctors, and I would like to avoid going through never ending visits and testing again, just to go on with a therapy I have been on for 5 years. I have my prescriptions and some of my previous blood works. I am not really sure how to proceed here, if asking a GP or going to a specialist and how to approach the issue.

If you have a GP, he will likely put you back on whatever you used to be on, and /or send you to an endo. Shouldn’tbe a big deal if you have a history of it for medical reasons.

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Hardartery is right, shouldn’t be a big deal given your history. They will likely want current labs if you do not already have them.

If it is a problem, dosing or whatever, you’ll need to find a TRT clinic or one specializing in TRT. Good luck. Sounds as though you really need it.

It’s easy really, with your current numbers you qualify for TRT. The guidelines state levels below 300 ng/dL qualifies you for TRT. The only thing is the protocols prescribed to patients varies wildly, from injections 1-2 x per month to weekly dosing, the latter is not optimal for some men and the former, well it won’t feel like you’re on TRT and in fact you might feel worse than pre-TRT.

Usually labs done in the last 90 days are good, anything beyond 90 and labs will have to be redone to determine if you are still eligible for TRT.

This is great news! I had the blood test 40 days ago.

And yes systemlord, weekly and semi-weekly injections work well for me, I don’t feel any significant difference between the two protocols, but anything less frequent is not as good.

The only resistance you could possibly face is a doc that is against TRT, in fact a lot of docs are frightened prescribing it do to all the conflicting information regarding the safety of TRT. The long term studies clearly shows the benefits outweigh the risks.

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There are plenty of doctors out there that would have no problem having you as a patient. My doctor is in California and I’m in Florida and we have a skype call twice a year. He is an amazing doctor that knows more about the human body and how it works than anyone I’ve ever talked to. There are more like him out there. You just need to find the right one. I’d search youtube if I were you. Lots of good doctors on there and most do telemedicine if needed.

Email me (in bio) if you need a doc. I’ll set you up with my doc. All done over the phone. $150/month including 220mg/week Testosterone shipped to your door and guaranteed to be prescribed. My levels were twice yours before TRT.

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