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On TRT for 3 Years, Am I Sterile?

Axiron for over two years, then injectables test cypionate for almost one year, am i sterile yet??no clomid bridges.

Likely. How would we know? Why not get s fertility test? Your doc hasn’t suggested this?

Yeah i guess it would very from person to person, not that i want kids, the three hours a month with sisters kids are enough. I remember a ways back they we’re looking for volunteers, to study if testosterone propionate would work as male contraceptive, you had to be over a certain age and have kidsalready . I guess just continue to wrap it, especially with that new strain of gonorrhea that is resistant to antibiotics.

You likely have a very low sperm could not and depressed LH and FSH. Again, is your dad c tracking this stuff?

Who is my dad c ? Or are referring to my uralagist, no i’ve never ask to test for. Unprotected sex is so much better feeling, i know i girl who hasn’t had sex in years like 7or8 so she has no reason to be on birth control, she is 44 im 43 , anyway she has been hinting things . Well ill just get something with spermacide. As a don’t feel like jerking off in doctor’s office. What does brick head stand for?

I have no clue why auto-correct had “dad c” for doctor.

You wouldn’t go into a doctor’s office to masturbate. You’d go to a fertility clinic, go into a private room, masturbate, and that’s all.

Brick was a nickname given to when I played a lot of basketball at the park. I was god awful at it but that’s how I spent my weekends as a kid, playing all sorts of games at the park with friends and neighborhood kids. So a bad shot is referred to as a brick. I was then referred to as Brick by the whole town (in a neutral way) and then some started calling me Brickhead.

yeah the auto voice text on smartphones can come up with weird shit sometimes , having i nickname is cool unless it sucks. There is a kid we call the vanilla gorilla, he would get angry (pollock) until i explained how cool his nickname was , same as Lesnar, super natural strength, high pain tolerance . His truck broke down quarter mile away from where he livedso he pushed his truck home, we said why didn’t just go home and have brother tow home but he had just went to Hardee’s and bought huge breakfast and didn’t want to leave his breakfast in truck , plus his moms cigarettes in truck so instead of walking home with bag of probably 5,6 breakfast sandwiches 3 orders of hash rounds, he choose to push a pick up truck 4000lbs at least a quarter mile, no power steering, makes perfect sense to me, this guy if freak strong but very slow, bad back, worked at parts yard only pussies use fork lifts he says who needs a fork lift to move a 300 lb engine block plus dont want to ruin forklift a get in trouble with boss

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Some docs can check sperm in the office if there is a tech+microscope.