On TRT For 1.5 Yrs, Wife's Body Rejecting IUD, Don't Want Kids

Hey Gents… 34 year old here… pretty much everything in the subject line sums it up. I’ve been on TRT for a year and a half. My wife is having serious pain during her period as a result of her intrauterine device. Neither of us want kids and I know that as a result of exogenous testosterone consistently administered, my testes are shut down. I hate seeing her in pain like this and I am considering a vasectomy, but I will avoid that if I can.

I am not sure about the degree of likelihood that we could accidentally end up pregnant if she decides to get rid of the IUD and we do not use any other forms of birth control. Of course I know there’s always a chance, but in terms of degree of likelihood based on the situation, what do you think? I am on 0.35 2x/wk (200 mg/ml cyp). My boys look like they did when I was 12. HPTA is obviously not doing what it did pre-TRT.

My apologies for my ignorance, but I am interested in your thoughts.

Likelihood… strong. You can do a semen analysis first, but just man up and get the vasectomy. Mine didn’t hurt at all.

65% of men on TRT are infertile without HCG, you can get a fertility test to be 100% certain. Your problems may already be solved by just taking testosterone.

There is a word for men who use TRT as birth control: Dad

That would be father. You have to earn the title of Dad.

Adam I’m 65 now and was cut right after my daughter was born 1984. I truely believe that is why I am on TRT today. That said depending on the type IUD’s they are slow poison and in time will destroy your wifes hormonal balance. Get your semin tested find another way.

Ah, the birds and bees version of a parent.

OK, point being, it is entirely possible to conceive a child while on anabolic steroid cycles, even heavy and lengthy, or TRT. If you think your wife, girlfriend, significant other, friend with benefits, new acquaintance, inebriated stranger, etc., could not get pregnant because you are on test, you’re making a mistake.

Looks like that is what I am going to end up doing. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the input…going to schedule an appointment soon. Guess vasectomy is the best option.


This is what I was originally thinking. But as levels of things can change over time, I am hesitant to solely rely on TRT. There might be a chance a swimmer could be in the right place at the right time, so I guess I am just going to go get snipped. Appreciate the feedback.

Don’t forget that you have to shoot about 20 loads before they consider you cleaned out. Dont just go jumping on the wife unprotected right away.

Be sure you plan you cutting. You will probably have to take at least 1 week off work. Your nut sack is going to swell up about the size of a baseball. You will need one of those donut cushions to be able to sit down. It took me about 3 weeks for the pain to go away.

This did not happen to me but everybody is different. Just saying

Me either. Was fine to go back to work the next day. Just no lifting for a bit.

That is VERY good to know! You guys are awesome. Thanks.

I’m not saying I wasnt sore and I had to use an icepack the evening of the procedure but I went back to normal the day after.
You will have to shave your nutsack and letting that grow back feels like a prickly pear in your pants! :smile: