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On TRT, Can Things Alcohol/Lack of Sleep Still Drop T?

I understand that lack of sleep, alcohol consumption, etc. would cause my naturally produced T to drop if I wasn’t on trt. Where I’m not clear is if I’m getting it synthetically via trt would those things still cause the total T and free T numbers to drop?

Good question! Interested for knowledgeable replies.

I’m curious about this as well. I would think it wouldn’t matter since you’ve already shutdown all the pathways that alcohol would affect anyway, TRT speaking.

That’s what I’m thinking, but I’m not knowledgable enough to know for certain. Hoping someone does.

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Nothing affects your levels when your on TRT other than when/how much you inject.

I drank 1-2 beers a night every night for a while and on 200mg/week daily shots my total T was 1999. I can say with somewhat certainty it doesn’t effect total T because I took the same test after 2 months of no drinking and total T was literally 1999 again.

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There is some evidence out there that alcohol can elevate SHBG which would have no effect on total T but would affect free T (enough evidence that elevated SHBG might be used as a marker to diagnose alcoholism). Free T is what is most important so might be worth considering.

It will not affect your T number. Those things can still affect lots of other levels though, so you will know that the effects are not related to your test level.

Saw a study on Opiates and people on trt. Opiates usually kill your test. Both study groups injected testosterone, one group took opiates and the second didn’t. End result test levels were similar in both groups. So opiates did not affect test levels while injecting.


Perhaps the other study was for a shorter period of time, some studies are done poorly.

How about donating blood, or especially plasma? I would think those two things could make a big impact!

Couple of questions. If the alcohol doesn’t effect test levels doesn’t it still effect estrogen levels and make them higher.

I think I know the answer to this one, but would alcohol still effect the ability to gain muscle if it doesn’t effect testosterone?

The thing that you can have an effect on is Free T. Drinking will raise E2 at the expense of Free T. Other things can too.

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So high e2 translates to low free t?

Not directly, but free E2 can aromatise, and alcohol - especially beer helps kick the process into overdrive.

Donating blood has no effect on your TT or FT lvl only your HCT and ferritin.

This was a HUGE selling point for me of TRT. Not for drinking so much, but I was sick of living my life without any freedom just to keep my TT “good enough.”

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When taking whole blood, I would think the ratios would stay the same, and test should drop off while your body replenishes it blood until your next shot.

Plasma donation should lower TT and FT as the plasma is the portion of the blood that contains the test.

I don’t think so.