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On TRT but No Sex Drive/Libido

Hallo sirs!

New here but heard so much good about this place and that this is the go to place when having trouble.

My trouble!

Man. 53 years old
On 250 mg test (Enanthate) a week for 10 weeks now.
Taking a mild AI (Triazole by DS Sports)
First: Felt awsome!
Sleep good
Sexdrive and libido like I was 18
Training and energy = Top

I go to sleep around 2200.
Wake up like 0300-0400 and can not go to sleep again.
Have a libido when I wake up but then there is no more libido that day even if my wife tries hard.
Penis size seems to have decreased.
My energy is good and training goes really good.
Size and strenght goes up, bodyfat down.

So what do you think?
Estrogen? To low/high? Other endocrine problems?
But… Were do I start?

Thank you all T’s!


You’re not taking an AI, you’re taking snake oil. You need a proper AI for your steroid cycle.

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High estradiol leads to insomnia for many men. It can also result in decreased libido.

Also, injecting 250 mg once per week is going to result in a spike of T. The spike of T is then converted to estrogen/estradiol, so E rises while T falls.

If you can, get blood work done so you/we can see what’s going on in order to make an intelligent decision. In many US states you can pay out of pocket for not very much and you can find a lab near you by typing in discountedlabs in your Web browser.

It would probably be smart to get the below tested:

Total t
Free t
Estradiol male sensitive array

You likely need a true AI like anastrazole/arimidex to control your e2 (Estradiol is a potent form of estrogen). You’d likely also feel better with more frequent injections of your T.

Best bet is to get blood work to confirm that e2 is your issue. If it is, you’d feel better with something like the below:

50 MG test every other day
1/4 mg anastrazole every other day

Retest total t, free t and e2 after being on this protocol for 6 weeks to adjust if needed.

It’s also worth mentioning that your T dose is quite high and hcg may help prevent testicular atrophy which may be important, even if you’re no longer interested in having kids.

Thats why I came here lol
So… Snakeoil :frowning: … so please tell me what I need :pray:t3:?
Arimidex or?

Thank you so much!
I will do :blush:

Where are you located?

You need anastrozole.

Please post lab work with ranges.

With high dose T, you increase your risk of high RBC and hematocrit and may then need to lower T dose and/or donate blood.

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