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On TRT But No Libido

hi guys, i was in a bad car wreck and was in a drug enduced coma for about 3 months. when i got out of the hospital i knew my test was really low from the way i felt, so i went to the doctor and she did blood work on my test levels and confirmed they were low, so she started me on depo-test at 150 mg once a month. i was on that for about 3 months and doc blood tested me again, and my levels were still low so she bumped it up to 300 mg once a month. i have been on that dose for about 4 months, and it has definately helped, i have gained alot of my strength back, and i have more energy now, but my libido is still VERY low.

im 24 years old, so this is a very big concern for me. what should i do? i dont want to have to go on viagra at my age. would something like nolvadex bring my libido back? do i need my doc to increase the dose of test? or are there other blood tests i should take to check my libido, other than test? any help is appreciated, thanks guys.

dosage is too far apart, most guys on TRT take 100mg to 150mg a week, monthly injections would have your testosterone levels floating around all over the place, also check estrodiol/E2 if too high or low can effect libido, but looking at the way your testosterone is dosed seems to be where your problem is. Consider another doc or try to train her up on TRT. Anti aging clinics seem to be the place to go for proper hormonal treatment. Also look at another head scan, which i assume they would do check ups on u from your accident.

good luck dude,


thanks for the reply bro. what do u mean exactly by a head scan? also, shold i try to get off the TRT if i can, because i dont want it to shut my boys down completely.

another ct scan to see if theres any long term damage as this can effect hormones as well. TRT is usually something u stay on for life because when u start u basically turn off your own production of testosterone. U might be interested in looking into a restart protocol where u try to restart your own testosterone production with different drugs/hormones etc eg clomid or nolvadex, search these forums as theres plenty of info here on them.

[quote]Danny880 wrote:
… train her up on TRT.


Train a doctor on medical practice? If your doctor doesn’t know how to practice for a medical condition, look for another doctor. I’m very surprised people around here put their medical well being in the hands of people who aren’t competent in some areas of medicine.


The best bet is to see a urologist with a fellowship in andrology, considering these are the most skilled in TRT and fertility.

so should i stop the TRT and try to up my natural production with something like nolva or chlomid? because i dont think im shut down yet, my nuts havnt shrunken up alot, and i dont think i have been on a high enough dose to shut them down.

[quote]TulsaTalons wrote:
so should i stop the TRT and try to up my natural production with something like nolva or chlomid? because i dont think im shut down yet, my nuts havnt shrunken up alot, and i dont think i have been on a high enough dose to shut them down.[/quote]

After being on TRT for as little as 2 weeks you are shut down. Again you need to find out if you are primary or secondary especially at younger age you do want to be condemn to TRT when there is no need to. since you have been through a horrible trama your adrenals and thyroid i am sure are out of balance. You need to find a good practioner that is willing to look deeper into your case at why your T levels are low while addressing the cause.

what do u mean by primary or secondary? what should i do? tell my doc i want my adrenals and thyroid tested? or should i try to make an appointment with an endocrinologist or something?

Primary: testes do not work. LH or hCG, SERMs have little effect.
Secondary: pituitary does not release LH and FSH telling the testes to work. hCG may provide good T levels, more so if younger.

Older guys can have weak pituitary output and age limited testicular response.

u are going to have to go shopping for a good doc, try anti-aging clinic, urologist or endo or ask for a good doc in your local area on this forum. Oklahoma, is that right. Anyone else there from Oklahoma who knows/uses a good hormone doc for this guy.


urologist, endo, or anti-aging clinic. where should i start?

per the finding an HRT Doctor sticky thread - call around to local compounding pharmacies and see if they can recommend a good HRT experienced doctor. Endo and uro’s are useless for the most part. anti-aging are huge money making operations so only go if you feel like blowing through wads of free cash.

also I would recommend checking out the injection sticky, and while I’m at it, I would recommend all of the other stickies as well.