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On TRT but Dose is Too Low, Considering Supplementing


I get TRT from a endocrinologist, 90mg per week of testosterone cypionate.

My T levels are generally in the mid 300s about halfway through the week, and around 150 at the end of the week before my next injection.

My doc says that the levels are fine and refuses to increase my dose.

I can get my own testosterone and I'm considering upping my dose, to about 75 twice weekly.

Since I have the advantage of regular blood tests covered under my insurance, I can keep an eye on my RBC/hemocrit and I can go back to my normal dose when I'm about to be tested.

Any reason I should not do this?

My reasons for it are:
1) To feel better in general
2) Libido is low, I'm hoping this will improve it
3) Increase my strength as a powerlifter

Note: finding another doctor is not an option, this is the only one available to me at the current time.


Not sure how old you are but my T levels dropped big time in my 40s. Went the TRT route with a Dr and barely got back to low normal. Took matters in to my own hands, did my research and now i cruise at about 200 mg a week. Feel like a young man again, lost the bodyfat, crazy libido, i love it. Be sure to get some nolvadex or arimidex or clomid. I personally take 20 mg nolva ED with no gyno issues, itchy nipples, etc.


Please go the the T- replacement forum and follow these links in 2nd post of 1st topic in forum.
- advice for new guys
- protocol for injections
- finding a TRT doc

Endos and urologists can be really bad at TRT.

You appear to be an testosterone hyper-metabolizer. We find that many in that group need 300mg/week to be where most are with 100mg/week.

T is only one factor. You need to track and manage E2 as needed.

Suggested labs:
prolactin if younger
PSA if >45
CBC with hematocrit
AM cortisol