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On TRT, Any Need for Multivitamins and a Good Diet Now?

So, I have another forum post out there how up until my last doctor appointment, I really wasn’t that knowledgable on testosterone. I thought it was a manly word. Never thought much about it. But didn’t know you could just stick a dip stick in someone and check their levels. I now know you basically can and guys can have a varying degree of testosterone. I am low. So, I am on my third week of testosterone injections.

But I’ve been reading articles on how to raise my T levels. One, I’m sure my diet before I was checked was not the best for T levels. So, since finding it’s low, I’ve been taking vitamin suppliments, a few other mineral suppliments a book I’m reading suggested. I changed my diet. But I’m wondering now if it’s too late. Does any of that help? If I’m on T injections, my body is just going to stop producing it completely so my diet, no matter how much I eat right and take multivitamins, won’t help T levels anymore because I am getting it purely through T injections. Is that right, or way off?

I’d imagine vitamins and a better diet is beneficial in other areas. But maybe I should have a different diet that focuses on another area of my health if the main focus of my current diet is T levels and the diet can’t help even if it wanted to.

A healthy life is not only reflected by T levels, so you’re taking medication for your condition does not mean that you can stop all efforts to make your self healthy.

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I totally understand that I need to live healthy. but I’m wondering if all things I’m doing such as taking a d aspotaic acid and dim150 plus eating a more fatty diet and other things I’m doing such as I stopped wearing briefs and wearing boxers all in the hopes to raise my T levels quick… is it all for nothing because my natural production of t is going to stop no matter what I try.

These things would have been useless to cure your disease and one would be expected to figure that out. Wearing briefs is not a cause for hypogonadism. You should eat a moderate and well balanced diet. Low carb is not good for the body.