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On TRT and Wanting to Throw in a Cycle.......Question???


My TRT is....
125mg/wk of Test Cyp sub Q every other day
25iu hCG every other day
.25mg Arimidex Mon - Fri (total 1.25mg/wk)

I want to do a 10 week cycle of Hexavir 300 (like sustanon) and wondering if I should keep my AI (arimidex) dose the same?

*I will be switching right back to my TRT protocol after the cycle is over.

Any thoughts/feedback appreciated.

I am 44 5'11" 180 lbs with low BF. All labs done every 2 months and everything is A - OK.


You will increase the adex.

Are you planning on only using 300mg/wk?


I will be using 600mg/wk for 10 weeks.

Do I really need to be overly concerned about rising E2 over a short cycle like this? Just thinking it might be no biggie as I'm getting right back on my TRT regiment after the cycle ends. My E2 is presently 24.

IF I was to increase the AI would 1.5mg/wk be enough?


Your E2 will definitely rise in 10 weeks.

How much is impossible to say.


I fully expect to it rise but as far as adverse side effects (gyno etc)I'm thinking 1.5mg/wk should keep them in check. Then after 10 weeks business as usual (back to 125mg/wk) and E2 should be back to normal within a month, no?


You cant set a predetermined amount of adex to use. Play it by ear. Its not taht difficult.


Get some nolva as well dude. You never know when you might need it.


^ why?


Hey Senior Citizen

There are a few guys posting in this forum that are doing the same as you. Some are doing large scale cycles and some are doing much smaller cycles. Check out the thread " getting ready for the big one" to follow a fella doing a large scale cycle that's our age. I'm 5 weeks into almost the same cycle you want to do. I'm doing 600mg/wk x 20wks, back on TRT for 8wks than repeat and back on TRT 200mg/wk for life. I've been on TRT 4 yrs


Checked it out......Is that guy planning to compete??? That's a lot of juice!!!!
For me, I will just Blast a couple small cycles a year and then cruise with the TRT for the rest of the year.


I've never heard of doing test sub Q. What is the advantage vs IM?


Its cheap, rarely faked and easy to get hold of. If he is one of the unlucky few that doesn't tolerate test very well, his nipples will thank me. It really doesn't make sense to start any cycle without some, especially a 1st, unless you know from prior experience you have no estrogen issues with whatever you are running.


Did you see that he's using adex?


Sub Q with insulin pin is the ONLY way to go......unless you are doing a big cycle with large amounts of injectible in which case you just can't fit enough in the syringe.

Easy, no pain, no scar tissue and can do your quads or shoulders (I'm sure other places to but that's where I inject) Also for anyone doing frequent shots (like every other day) you can just preload for the week.

Doing more frequent shots keeps your Test levels balanced. I feel much better doing it this way than once a week.

Lots of info out there on this subject.


Massive Gains as stated using an AI already why would I duplicate?


Its better to have something and not need it than the other way around. I'm sure you will be fine but there are some sensitive individuals who aromatize test very easily. I'm not suggesting you swap out the arimidex, using an AI is far superior, its just that if you find that you have trouble controlling estrogen with the AI, you will want nolva on hand, unless you don't mind growing a pair.

I know people who need 1mg of arimidex per day to keep 500mg test a week under control.

People like this are in the minority, but they are the ones who will suffer the most from not being prepared and diving into a cycle.


Thank you for the clarification.....and the advice, much appreciated.


Someone using a REAL ai. Not some underdosed research chem will have no problems with estrogen control. If the legitimacy of your products is a problem the I guess it makes sense to get nolvadex, but Id be more worried about getting low quality stuff


My Arimidex is from the pharmacy (I have a script for it) and is definitely legit. I agree with you, shouldn't have any problems but just wasn't sure about the dose when I upped the Test to 600mg/wk.


You can up your Adex to 0.5 mg/day, but any more will probably not provide any additional reduction in E2 as it is self-limiting after about that dose. You can reduce E2 by approximately 80% with Adex, but ususally not any more regardless of the dose. If your libido tanks and your joints hurt, you are probably taking too much. Use that as a gauge.