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On TRT and Can't Sleep

I have been on TRT for almost 6 months now and I feel 100% better but one thing that I have noticed I cant sleep for shit. I just toss and turn until 1am or so and I have to get up at 6am. When I wake up I never feel rested.

I have tried eleminting all stims at least 5 hours before bed and it hasnt made a difference and i feel tired when I am laying in bed. has anyone else had this problem? I was going to call my dr but i dont want ambien or lunesta unless I have to, I have tried that stuff in the past and i feel hungover the next day.

How are we supposed to answer this without knowing anything about your background, protocol, etc?

Try diphenhydramine sulfate.

yes. sleep issues are common problems on HRT. could be testosterone, cortisol, or thyroid driven (or any number of neurotransmitters (or melatonin).

melatonin is relatively safe for short term use (i.e. - month on, month off).

Lots of things you can try. I rotate through differnt options. For me, nothing works forever.

Z-12 - worked great for awhile. getting ready to try it again.
5HTP by itself.
ZMA - some sort of zinc, mag, and B are a staple for me at night.

Anything that’s supposed to increase GH has worked ok for me. I’ve been taking different mixes of the following for awhile now:
Glutamin/arginine/glycine concoction.

I am interested to read about this myself. My first go at TRT and I had this problem, but after reading and asking the right questions I realize my dose was just done all wrong and ended up with the body heat, tossing turning, cold and hot flashes all night - as you probably figured out, my E2 was shot up way too high, then when Doc gave me AI he overdid that as well, and my E2 was completely tanked…

My sleep currently sucks, but I write that off to a list of stressors (work, kids, travel) but I always have my eye on what else could be affecting it.

I’m not on TRT, might be necessary to go at some point.
I’ve read hundreds of reports from people on TRT and know a few personally.
What I hear most is their sleep greatly improved after going to TRT.
So is it possible the people who worsened their sleep on TRT just have fucked up protocols?

TRT can cause or worsen sleep apnea, protocols may be to blame.