On TRT and Also Using NPP. How Long for NPP to Clear?


I am currently on TRT and the doctor wants to start me on Deca 200 next week. I’m currently taking NPP and have to draw bloods next week. How long will it take for the NPP to clear from my body. I have been using 55mg NPP per day for the past two weeks. I did miss a couple doses over the past weekend.

Deca has no place in a TRT regimen. I see this all the time in FL at HRT clinics. If you ‘want’ to run it for performance enhancing and understand the risks… by all means. This is a pharma forum after all. I just feel a lot of newbs come on here and think its totally safe since its prescribed. Its not.

Back to NPP and the original question. It has a half life of 3 days. It will be clear from your system after about two weeks. How do you expect it to affect your blood draws?

If you don’t get the sensitive e2 assay then it’ll skew your numbers quite a bit. But asking for that test usually isn’t something they expect to hear from a patient. So that’s a bit of a red flag.

Here is what it will look like after two weeks of use at 55mg/d and then one full week off:

@iron_yuppie I don’t believe this to be accurate. NPP has a half life of almost 3 days. Its takes 4-5 half lives for a drug to be ~97% cleared. Hence, two weeks to clear after last injection. Thoughts?

Edit: On second thought you do get the lions share of clearance after about one week which is what likely would affect lab values if anything.

I was conflicted about this. The only research data on NPP shows a much longer time for it to peak and a slower elimination than steroidcal indicates. But I don’t know if that one study is enough to go off of or if it’s perhaps more complicated. I shouldn’t have posted the graph if I was unsure, but it was the only thing I could model out.

Thanks for all the comments, I’m getting bloods drawn 8 days after last injection.

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This is what I was looking for:

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@iron_yuppie Trying to understand the graph, but why would ND 100mg 1ml have high levels compared to 100mg 4ml? both are into glutes. Could it be that 1ml had higher concentration levels?

So the dose was the same (100mg) but the concentration varied. More oil means more oil to disperse. In that oil there was less hormone than in the higher concentration.