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On TRT 6 Months. Blood Test Shows High Red Count?


I got my blood work after being on a TRT for about six months. My Dr said I need to go give blood and reboot my blood count? WTH? Is this safe are just normal ?

T Test Came In. Results Good?

Been on hrt for 8 years and yes it’s normal for The hematocrit to be elevated … my lab work just came back 2 weeks ago and it was 51 … just gave some blood the other day. I’ll donate again in 8 weeks…


So giving blood keeps everything in check? Dr. Said to do so and prevent blood clots. :open_mouth:


Also does this explain me getting headaches every now and then?


High red count is normal…this is why many bodybuilders use low dose aspirins to prevent clots etc


Awesome, thanks. Really had me thinking?


You must be on a huge dose for it to be that high, we need more info. Your doctor is a moron for checking LH and FSH on TRT.


Not really, 100 every week? I have done 200 a couple of times? From what I have read on other blogs. That isn’t crap. ?


What’s your T levels on that dose?


I haven’t received that information as of yet? I feel better ( more of a man )


It’s really helped in many ways. I just don’t want to stroke the hell out!


What is your BP like?


Haven’t checked it. But a couple weeks ago it was okay


High blood pressure plus high Hematocrit and Hemoglobin is a problem. I would be concerned about the headaches . high H/H can cause them and so can blood pressure.


I went from mid 400s to mid 700s in six months. And free is way up! Is this a good look? Thanks


You should probably look into regularly donating blood, getting a therapeutic phlebotomy. If you are unable to do these for a while, I would say take some aspirin or something. The problem with high RBC’s is that it can make blood thicker and therefore increase ones chance of a blood clot that can result in a stroke. I recommend donating blood as it is a good deed to do, however if you are injecting supraphysiological doses of AAS without your doctors consent (your RBC is pretty high, is this really just from TRT?) I would opt for the phlebotomy.


Nvm, I just saw your comment on your TRT dose


I have an appointment to have blood drawn . Also I’ve started a small dose aspirin. Thanks for the info.


I got that blood drawn, feels better. Red count was off the charts! Again thank you all for the information