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On TRT 6 Months. Blood Test Shows High Red Count?

I got my blood work after being on a TRT for about six months. My Dr said I need to go give blood and reboot my blood count? WTH? Is this safe are just normal ? Screenshot_20171220-152107Screenshot_20171220-152041

Been on hrt for 8 years and yes it’s normal for The hematocrit to be elevated … my lab work just came back 2 weeks ago and it was 51 … just gave some blood the other day. I’ll donate again in 8 weeks…


So giving blood keeps everything in check? Dr. Said to do so and prevent blood clots. :open_mouth:

Also does this explain me getting headaches every now and then?

High red count is normal…this is why many bodybuilders use low dose aspirins to prevent clots etc

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Awesome, thanks. Really had me thinking?

You must be on a huge dose for it to be that high, we need more info. Your doctor is a moron for checking LH and FSH on TRT.

Not really, 100 every week? I have done 200 a couple of times? From what I have read on other blogs. That isn’t crap. ?

What’s your T levels on that dose?

I haven’t received that information as of yet? I feel better ( more of a man )

It’s really helped in many ways. I just don’t want to stroke the hell out!

What is your BP like?

Haven’t checked it. But a couple weeks ago it was okay

High blood pressure plus high Hematocrit and Hemoglobin is a problem. I would be concerned about the headaches . high H/H can cause them and so can blood pressure.

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I went from mid 400s to mid 700s in six months. And free is way up! Is this a good look? Thanks

You should probably look into regularly donating blood, getting a therapeutic phlebotomy. If you are unable to do these for a while, I would say take some aspirin or something. The problem with high RBC’s is that it can make blood thicker and therefore increase ones chance of a blood clot that can result in a stroke. I recommend donating blood as it is a good deed to do, however if you are injecting supraphysiological doses of AAS without your doctors consent (your RBC is pretty high, is this really just from TRT?) I would opt for the phlebotomy.

Nvm, I just saw your comment on your TRT dose

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I have an appointment to have blood drawn . Also I’ve started a small dose aspirin. Thanks for the info.

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I got that blood drawn, feels better. Red count was off the charts! Again thank you all for the information

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