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On TRT, 3rd Cycle

Hello. Looking for advice on a possible cycle im thinking of. I am 32 years old…been on TRT for about a year…actual low test with labs and all that stuff so its prescribed and managed. I have done two cycles in the past with no issues PCT and labs after.

I am thinking of doing a tren E 400mg a week with test C 200 a week and a tbol kickstart for 4-5 weeks 60mg a day…and im on TRT so no pct to worry about. Will include liver support. Full cycle length of 12 weeks.

Im 5’11 190 about 12-14% body fat training for about 10 years i would say 8 seriously. My plan with this cycle is a clean bulk. Any suggestions?

Consider tren ace instead, if possible. Tren has some tough side effects. For many guys it’s not a big deal. For some guys the sides are monstrous. If you’re on ace you can hop off and be clear in less than a week. If you’re on E it could be two weeks before you start to feel better. One of the golden rules of tren seems to be “use ace on the first run” and I see no reason to not take that rule seriously.

I should have mentioned previous cycle was tren e…no horrible sides other than bad muscle cramps alleviated with increased hydration/k vitamin. Was eating well but not enough so im excited to go at it again with a better diet in place. Kept majority of my gains from previous cycle…pretty sure the trt aids in that. Also as part of my trt i take arimidex 1mg a week. Also thinking of either B6 or actual antiprolactin just incase with the 19nor

Oh, well in that case go nuts. That’s a healthy dose of tren. Watch your BP while on tbol.

Sweet thanks for the input, Ill do caber at .5mg every third day with the tren dose. And I’ll definitely keep an eye on the BP