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On TRT 3.5yrs, Want to Get Rid of Retention, Planning Cycle

Got some water retention, gyno chopped when i was kid pubescent gyno. What do i need to take Nolvadex, arimedix, to eliminate water retention, want to do cycle later 600te , 400 deca, 50mg dbol ed, cant wait want to pull 700 plus at 44 and ohp 400, than cut up sub 12% bdfat at 250, 260. Any advice?

Nolvadex binds to the androgen receptors, amiridex stops the conversion of testosterone to estrogen (I can’t remember but it is something like 60-70%, were letro is in the 90% range). Elevated estrogen can be, but not always, the cause of water retention. Best advice is to get bloodwork done.

Having blood work done soon for trt at uralagist i see guys on forum who scripts for arimedix etc, what numbers should i ask about?

It really depends on how you respond to amiridex. Some trt guys use 1mg per 100mg of test divided in two doses. Other people use .25mg eod on 500-750mg of test per week. A few people are over responders to amiridex and just need a lit till bit a week to keep e2 in check.

My doc thinks im on 150mg cypionate a week, not what i plan to cycle, been doing 200test weekly, tryed my new stuff on top of to see if it was legit 500mg test e noticed after 2 weeks strenght level up, but more water weight, ive done huge cycles on past 12 years ago but didnt utilize arimedix, Nolvadex that was competitive bodybuilders, i am thinking get some Nolvadex if arimedix varys.

All that nolvadex does is block the androgen receptors. This helps if you are having gyno symptoms, it will not help with water retention. You have to get your e2 in check. If you jumped from 200mg per week to 700mg per week your e2 most likely jumped wich could be a cause for the water retention. If you are going to your dr for the blood test you better get back on the 150mg per week for a while or your test# is going to be high and he is going to reduce your mgs per week.

My last 200mg shot tommorow, than 150 i will have 4 shots before blood work oct3, or should start the 150 tommorow.

Is it worth taking the chance? What kind of test have you been using?

Testosterone cypionate yeah i think 150 tommorow, i am not going to get much out of 50mg for one week, my last apointment in April they bumped from 100 to 150 weekly, which allowed me to go 200 hundred because i had some left over.

I haven’t done the 500te for 4 weeks and since i could only get 1,3/4 ml out of sachet it wasnt full mg the last one i only got 1ml out due to accidentally spilled half of on leg i am done with sachets , just weigt myself dropped the water weight already.

Hey you so seem knowledgeable, i have little experience with deca, people act like its worthless because it takes 8 weeks to kick in which i dont by into, i am convinced npp is way better but cost and pinning eod etc. Would it benifit a test and dbol cycle .people used it for year’s and it was great before npp comeback

Some people have bad sexual side effects from deca. Others don’t and love it. Another down side is that because of the decanoate estar (around a 14 day half life) pct can be rough. A lot of people will start pct 3 weeks after the last injection. At high doses, it takes more like 5 half lives for your blood levels to be low enough to start a successful pct. that puts you at around 70 days after the last injection. A lot of people finish their pct before their body can begin recovery. This would not affect you since you are on trt. So if your goal is to run short cycles and then recover, deca and Eq are bad choices. But if not deca is a powerful anabolic.

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I leave deca eq alone, npp i dont like shots eod . To bad they don’t have a nandrolone enathate.