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On TRT 200ML Test E a Week

Hey guys

Went to my doc after running a cycle prior to being married. Screwed up my hormones I crashed and my levels recovered but never got the levels to where they should be for me if that make sense.

Now I am on TRT feel no different and no libido. Doc rant test and over 1000 but my doc seems kind all about the money. I am in Washington State and trying to figure out how to normalize to where I was originally before my cycle and TRT. I never did a baseline but my libido is non existent and when it is there not a rock like I normally was and also ejaculate was quicker than I would want. I could normally last over 30+ minutes. Now sometimes it’s 3-5min.

Not sure what it is but when I crashed from my cycle i couldn’t even get it up and then when I could after a few months I was so excited that I thought it was just mental. But my penis is super sensitive like it has never been.

Need help. Wondering what to do.

I normally do 200ML a week Test e on Sunday.
I do 3 x wk Anastrozole .5 each for a total of 1.5 a week
500x2 a week day of shot and 3 days after 500/500

He had me on clomid daily at 50 I stopped that.

He had me on deck. Year ago I did 5 shots and stopped that. Need to get to a normalized state

I am 36 and 228lbs medium build 5’11 height

Your protocol could be the problem and is way too much for most men, we could have a more productive conversation if you posted all labs including SHBG which dictates injection frequency. High and low SHBG men’s TRT protocols look very different, low SHBG and more frequent injections.

Erections for me don’t happen unless I inject EOD or ED do to low SHBG. The thing that happens with once weekly injections is your testosterone and estrogen swing wildly and this could be the reason for no libido.

Some men don’t do well on HCG, so that could be the problem.

Without labs we can’t provide useful advice and have no way of knowing if this protocol is right for you.

Labs needed, Sensitive estradiol (Liquid Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry, not the Roche ECLIA methodology which is for women), Total T, Free T and SHBG.

You say you have no libido.

Please clarify: you feel no attraction to women? Or, you don’t get the physical reaction when with a women (arousal), like fluttering heart, erection, and that “must get laid now” physical feeling (like blue balls)

Arousal and libido are two different things and addressing them, I feel, are two different approaches.

Would you suggest to do full panel with t3 etc or no ? Can do labs whenever

When do i do labs I’m supposed to inject tomorrow to my once a week 200ml

I took anastrozole today

Just need to know when to take the labs and shoot or not shoot the test and hcg tomorrow so when should
I do the labs

It’s arousal and libido
I’m married and love my wife and this is hard on our relationship.

I’m finding that trt makes me turn my head to look at women more. I’m doing more staring. This, to me, is libido.

Where I lack is the arousal part. I just started taking some buspar. It’s for anxiety. But is prescribed off label for libido/arousal. I think it may be helping. I also changed my protocol to eod after systemlords advice. Seems to be helping.

Get bloods ASAP. Your dose is likely too high. You’ll get anabolic results (muscle, etc) but maybe not the androgenic (sex drive) results at that dose.

You need to run labs at your lowest point in the week right before your next injection, this is known as your trough. If you want to check your thyroid a full thyroid panel is recommended checking TSH, Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3 and antibodies.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism are brittle nails, constipation, dry skin, enlarged thyroid, high cholesterol, irritability, sensitivity to cold, sexual dysfunction, slow heart rate, sluggishness, weight gain.

When my E2 is low penis sensitivity is low, the AI dosing may or may not be too much.

Tomorrow is my injection day

I am supposed to inject tomorrow so should I skip and do bloods Monday ?

If you skip injection tomorrow your labs won’t represent your current protocol, just do labs next week on Friday.

You can run SHBG at any time.

Also it’s 200mg, not 200ml.

Will do then post

If SHBG is 25-60 you can inject twice weekly and see good results, nearing or lower than 20 and twice weekly can work but usually EOD injections is best since it keeps testosterone elevated and estrogen more controlled.

While I agree with @systemlord that your protocol can’t be given any scrutiny whatsoever without the proper labs, I think something else is being overlooked here and may be brought to light by answering one simple question.

Give us a picture of what you feel like the in the days after your shot. Do you feel great for a day or three after (ie no issues whatsoever) and then start declining throughout the rest of the week or do you have this issue no matter what?

I don’t feel any different as far as energy , libido, stamina, performance, sleep

That’s the weird part. No change. It’s like it’s placebo lol and it’s not it’s from my doc and prescribed. I tried test e and test cyp and no difference

Bmbrady77 what do you think it is ?

Nothing was different when I started protocol. But I had libido and drive

Do you know your E2 status?

No what I am asking is specifically regarding the first two or three days after your shot during your protocol. Do you notice a small window where you feel that things are swinging back in the right direction and then just go back to shit?

What I am trying to get at is this…if your frequency needs to be changed, you will notice that you have pockets of feeling like everything is going back to good and then it will start declining as the week goes on until you start the cycle back over with your next weekly injection.

If you DO NOT notice this at all, I think your dosage may be too high altogether. Your swings are still happening but you are never troughing low eneough to experience that “balanced” window as your levels swing from one extreme to the other.

Think of it like a pendulum where the far left is way too low and far right is way too high. In the middle is perfetly balanced (homeostasis).

Your body is trying to reach this point. When you give yourself the right dosage, but too infrequently, your pendulum swings way to the right and then swings way back to the left. When you dose too high, the pendulum swings even further to the right and may not get back to the middle before you inject again.

When the dose is correct, but too infrequent, the pendulum will swing just past the middle (overshoot) and then come back too far to the left. When you dial in the dose and frequency, the pendulum goes a little past middle, then starts swinging back left, but just the left side of middle before you inject again and it bumps back to the right again. You reach a steady state of the drug in your body that keeps your levels stable and then your body has something to work with in trying to reach hemeostasis.

Hope I’m explaining this well enough?

Perfect explanation, the goal is to make it where the pendulum doesn’t swing to far in either direction otherwise balance will never be achieved.

Some men are more sensitive to these swings than others, it’s why some men with SHBG midrange feel better on an EOD protocol.

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No I get what your saying. I don’t feel any different before or after I pin at all.

That’s strange. You will definitely need to get a full hormone panel run to be able to see what’s going on. It could be that your SHBG is so high that no amount of “normal” range dosing will get your free T high enough to make a difference. You could also have a really high aromatase rate that’s converting what free T you have into Estrogen. It’s very hard to say. It could be BOTH. Too many variables here to get a decent idea without bloods.