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On TRT 18wk Labs Still Need Help


47 yo Learned A lot
I may have screwed up, reposted all labs since started this journey from newest to oldest

KSman, finally got 18 week labs (3rd set of labs)
A little more educated now so started talking to dr about E2 issues. AI approach didn't get a great reply, but I now have labs to show high E2 and will try to come back to dr with this report as evidence of some type of action needed to reduce E2.
Dr wanted to stay with current 1x a week IM 1ml (200mg) injection until these lab results to see if her approach was working.

She was not against 2x per week SC at .5 ml (100mg) to help with spikes and drops, after this the lab work was done.
The lab work is a week old, and I have done my last 2 injestions SC 100mg (.5ml) twice now. (so easy)
I just received these results today
cholesterol 164 75-200 mg/dl
HDL 44 40-131 mg/dl
Triglycerides 55 11-150 mg/dl
Chol /HDL ratio 3.73 0.00-4.99 ratio
VLDL chol calculation 11 5-40 mg/dl
non HDL chol. 120 0-129 mg/dl
LDL chol. calculation 109 <101 mg/dl

LDL/HDL ratio 2.5 <3.3 ratio
Estradiol 78 <20-47 pg/ml
PSA 0.06 0.00-4.00 ng/gl

TT 852.25 205-781 ng/dl
free T percent 2.85 1.60-2.90 %
free T calculation 243 33-227 pg/ml
T bioavailable 570 131-682 ng/dl
SHGB 21.5 13.3- 89.5 nmol/L
Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) by MS/MS serum
DHEA by TMS 0.567 0.630-4.700 ngml low

what are your thoughts on this
In my 3rd week of IR protocol 50 mg a day morning temps average the same 95.9-96.3 but by 10-11am 98 and 98.6 most all day till 6-7 pm the afternoon temps are greatly improved
Strong a ever in the gym, but flush hot feeling on face often, ED problems worse that before TRT, Viagra not helping now, low libido still, more energy that before but still sucks, a little moody but better than before trt.
Thanks for any input from those in the know


second labs from 8/29/14 work after 6 weeks on TRT 200mg 1cc IM every 2 weeks
CBC with platelet no differential
wbc 7.6 3.8-12.8 K/ul
hgb 4.92 4.20-5.70 M/mm3
hct 46.0 40.4-52.4 %
mcv 93.7 81.0-102 fl
mch 32.0 26.9-35.0 pg
mchc 34.2 32.4-35.4 g/dl
rdw 13.3 12.3-15.9 %
platlet ct. 199 137-397 K/cumm

comprehensive metabolic panel
sodium 139 134-145 K/ul
potassium 4.1 3.4-5.4 mEq/l
chloride 104 97-109 mEq/l
co2 24 22-32 nEq/l
glucose 94 65-105 mg/dl
bun 26 5-36
creatinine 1.2 0.5-1.5 mg/dl
calcium 8.7 8.5-10.3 mg/dl
protein 7.2 6.3-8.3 g/dl
albumin 4.2 3.7-5.2
alkaline phosphatase 59 38-126 iu/l
alt (SGPT) 26 7-52 iu/l
ast (SGOT) 20 13-39 iu/l
bilirubin total 0.5 0.2-1.5 mg/dl
a/g ratio 1.4 1.1-2.5 mg/dl
estimated glomerular filtration rate
GFR/black >60 >60 ml/min/1.73m2
GFR/white >60 >60 ml/min/1.73m2
testosterone 260 205.00-781.00
tanner stage IV 165-854 ng/dl
tanner stage V 184-783 ng/dl
Went in for regular 2 week injection saw Dr quickly and she said we will up TRT to 200mg 1cc IM every week and re test in 6 weeks
THIS IS WHEN I BECAME PROACTIVE and found this site as well as a ton of other research


This was my first post and 1st labs from july
Labs before TRT 07/03/14
382# today
shave face every other day grow a beard in 2 weeks crown balding in past 6 years moderate chest hair little back hair
thorax and belly fat
MI at 24yo from breathing paint fumes at auto body shop no ongoing problems
wt gain to 350# liquid diet lost 100# in just over 1 year Dr supervised "Medifast"
got heavy into weight trainging at 270# looked awesome
torn rotator cuff, surgery fixed gained up to 400#
ED for the past 15 years
another liquid diet lost 100#
gained wt the minute the fast stopped
tries trt 12 years ago to help ed Andogel max dose, didn’t help quit after 6 months
weight gain to 424#
just suffered for years
body aches, fatique, depression, Ed, weak, dry skin,leg cramps, high blood pressure started about 4 years ago
Diagnosed with sleep apnea 3 years ago, treated with cpap,

starts weight lifting again as I had on and off all my life
lost 87# down to 345 weight (Crack the fat code diet) labs looked good but
little low T said the Dr. and could not keep weight off
back up to 400# but training hard very active
but ED at the worst ever, fatigue, depression, skin issues, low libido,
But strong in the gym, bench over 400 pretty easy, considered a monster in the gym not a fat slob
went to Dr. in June. said lets do blood work
diagnosis Low T and borderline Hypothyroid
started me on T injections 200mg IM every other week re test in 6 weeks deal with thyroid if T doesn’t help
----T will give lab results just finishing time line—

TT was 279 before trt
6 weeks later TT was 260
DR said go to 200mg IM every week re test in 6 weeks
This is when I knew I better figure this out because my Dr. are limited in knowledge
This site has been an eye opener and I’ve read a load or your info Awesome gathering of invaluable info

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I may have screwed up, reposted all labs since started this journey from newest to oldest

Labs done on 7/11/14
this is thyroid panel from july too, doing IR for that will test again in Nov.
7/11/14 1 week after the initial lab work
TRT started after this lab
Hepatitis (HCV) IGG nonreactive
FSH 6.41 1.27-19.26 mlU/mL
Luteinizing hormone 3.16 1.24-8.62 miU/mL
prolactin 7.64 2.64-13.13 ng/mL
I may have screwed up, reposted all labs since started this journey from newest to oldest


Your ED is because your estradiol is high…
Also can affect Libido…

I’m watching this closely because I get that same flush in the face feeling…


Please post when you got blood drawn vs when the last injection was before draw…
With a weekly injection there is more of a trough


injection fri late afternoon blood draw following wed am. I tried to hit close to mid week on labs due to last time I didn’t and KSman mentioned the issues with that approach giving inaccurate reads


if arimidex is best option to drop E2 I might be Dr. hunting again…