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On to Toes During Snatch?


I've attached a video below of me snatching and overhead squatting, as I catch and come off the bottom I come up onto my toes, whilst still in the squat position. This causes me to fall forward and run around a bit with the weight overhead. This has caused me to miss many attempts! Could anyone tell me if there's a technique flaw causing this or any drills/alterations I can make?




Your butt comes up first off the floor. Use your back more to lift the bar from the floor and you wont swing it out in front of you.


ditch the mirror if you can. face the other way or cover it up with a sheet or something.
there is a fairly recent article on T Nation about how it helps you focus on how the movement feels.


Agree that your hips are rising too fast and you're not keeping your upper back shoulders moving up at the same rate as your hips!! That's what is causing the bar to get forward right away and it stays there.


I agree with everything said above.

The problem could also be you relying on your quads, not sure if it is, but coming forward can often be because the quads are trying to take the load off your glutes and hams, so you lean forward a bit.


Like others have said, keep your ass down. Your hips rise too fast.


Thanks to all for the feedback, really appreciate it. I'll drop the weight a bit and start ensuring my hips stay down during the first pull. I tried pushing my hips back into the squat today during my snatches and it felt fecking horrible, my upper body leant way too far forward making it difficult to catch the bar. Oh well I guess more practice is needed!

Cheers for the recommendation on the article mate, just read the article, great piece of advice, I'll start lifting facing in the opposite direction. Should help proprioreception a bit!