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On TLC Right Now...


There is a program on TLC right now about Greg Valentino. Just wanted to give a quick heads-up. Sorry if this is a repost. I am not a fan of him, however, I just wanted to alert anyone who might be interested.



Overall I was not very impressed. Greg Valentino is incredibly stupid. Did anyone see him try to drain his own hematoma with needles? What a dumbass!

The long term effects were interesting to see, however.

If you watched it, what were your feelings?


I think he may do steriods.


How does he tie his shoes?


I've been watching. I have problems with the sound on that channel, so I think I missed quite a bit...maybe.

Gregg forgot to mention some of the stuff he injects directly into his bis, and that those are not the result of AAS alone.

He seemed alot more intellegent than he does in his Ramblin' Freak column (Although, like I said....sound problems)

My girlfriend is going to have a field day with this. Just when I thought I was making progress with her acceptence in the world of anabolics....here we go again.


I couldn't hear what was really going on at that point, but in his column about a year ago he said he was bit by a spider that his crazy girlfriend was keeping as a pet.


The show did not say anything about Valentino injecting oil into his arms and shoulders to get them to look that way. That would have been informative to the world outside bodybuilding. The fact that bbers are injecting not only steroids but oil and whatnot into their muscles. Nothing mentioned about this? Any ideas why?


I watched it and I was bitching at the TV most of the time. Each story was of steroids ruining someone's life in some way or another. It wasn't exactly a fair presentation.

Also, didn't Valentino use synthol? They never mentioned it, but everyone seems to agree that he did.