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On The Way To Figuring This Out

After Much deliberation, I’ve decided that I will start a new thread considering I just finished my last training cycle about a week ago and competed on October 13th and don’t have a set date for my next meet. I went 9/9 With a 202.5/140/220 total.

My training has always been a sheiko-esque style but I’ve decided for the next 12 weeks to endure a full 12-16 weeks of sheiko I will be starting with 39 since I do believe it has the most benefit for what I am trying to do within my traning. In my training there are a few goals for this cycle:

Squat Goals:
-Become proficient a squatting with my feet straight ahead.
-Squat 205kg (Immediate Goal)
-Squat 215kg (End of Cycle Goal)
-Develop more upper back Tightness
-Learn to carry the bar lower on my back

Bench Goals:
-Get Tighter on the Bench
-Use Leg Drive(I currently don’t use any)
-Bench 150kg
-Becoming proficient at pressing with a narrower Grip

-Learn to pull in a straight line (I pull around my knees)
-Develop an upper back
-Pull 230kgs
-Develop Better bottom position

Overall Goals:
-Train with a reliable group of guys
-Learn to relax about training
-Be on top of recovery work
-Out Total Dave Forner at a Meet This summer at 105kg or as close to it as I can get.

That is all

Calgary Festival of Strength Write Up

I’ve been experimenting with if this week using a 16/8 fasting period because I just don’t have time to get up in the morning to eat. I feel training has gone extremely well over the past 12 weeks although I think I pushed to hard leading up to the meet. Personally I would have decreased working sets by 5%. I haven’t really slept over the past couple of days because of projects due and the meet all coinciding with each other hopefully with a good sleep tonight everything will fall into place and ill qualify for geared nationals.

Felt good getting to the meet. I got there extremely early which I like to be way early just to calm myself down and get into the meet

Attempt 1:175kg(2.5kg PR)
Felt heavy unracking it. Walked it out nice and strong. Took it down how I like to. 3 Whites

Attempt 2:192.5kg (20kg Meet PR)
Felt Heavy Unracking it. Little bit shakey on the way out squatted it slower than I had wanted, but still 3 Whites.

Attempt 3: 202.5kg (30 kg PR)
Heavy Unrack. Took too many steps on walk out than I would have liked. Slowis. Hit a sticking point half way through pushed through it. 3 Whites

Squats Overall went EXTREMELY well. I felt like I was mentally prepared for each of the attempts and the cards were delt very well for me today. I couldn’t have been happier.

Attempt 1: 120kg (ties meet PR)
It was a fucking Joke. I took it as a last warm up. 3 Whites

Attempt 2:132.5kg (12.5kg PR)
Good tightness on the bench. Came down good and easy and up the same way. 3 Whites

Attempt 3: 140kg (20kg PR)
This is what I have been training for the past 12 Weeks I wanted that 300lb bench. I had missed 305 not even three weeks prior, but 2 attempt felt good so I went for it. My tightness on the bench fucking sucked should reracked it, but went ahead anyways. Came down good and easy, pause felt like for ever. Came up stalled right before lock out made it. 3 Whites

Overall the bench went extremely well, the only complaint I had was that the pauses were not consistent, but that could just be me.

Attempt 1: 190kg(ties Meet PR)
Easy as hell. 3 Whites

Attempt 2: 205kg (15kg PR)
Slower than I thought it would have went up. Not really any sticking points just a harder pull than it should have been. 3 Whites

Full RedBull
Attempt 3:220kg(30kg PR)
Pulled the FUCK out of it. Felt like a fishing pole still made the fucker. 3 Whites.

Happy with my deadlift performance I was surprised I wasn’t the weakest puller considering I’m am totalally not build for pulling.

Total:562.5kg (80kg Pr)

Everything was in the cards today. I went 9/9 and I didn’t leave nothing on the platform which I was happy about. Nice to know I didn’t let my ego get in the way of my lifting. Good to see some familiar faces and some new ones. Found a group to train with that will be starting up in the fall so i have that to look forward to. Overall I think the judging was fair even though the pauses were possibly unfair but thats the game. I’m not sure whats next whether it will be geared or Classic Nationals. I find it funny that me and ramzy were both pretty spot on my total about 8-12 Weeks ago.

Meet Video:

Are you going to be using the exact numbers from the meet to calculate your percentages?

[quote]MightyMouse17 wrote:
Are you going to be using the exact numbers from the meet to calculate your percentages?[/quote]

I’m going to be, if I have to adjust after 4 weeks I will. Sheiko for me right now dosnt really beat me up, it’s more of a psychological fatigue form getting fired up too often so I might scale it down for that aspect

I think you forgot a goal.

[quote]DaveForner wrote:
I think you forgot a goal.[/quote]

haha yeah and it dosen’t count if we’re not at the same meet lol

nice work man

Week 1
Day 1

50% 5x1x145
60% 4x2x185
70% 3x2x205
75% 3x5x225

Harder than I thought it was going to be. Moved well, Taking the week was a good idea i think. I was unable to develop any kind of leg drive without my ass coming off of the bench. Could have easily done 245 for the triples, but my mindset for this cycle is going to be do the prescribed weights and get out.

50% 5x1x225
60% 5x2x265
70% 5x5x305

I never realized how out of shape I am when it comes to rep work. After about the third set of 305 my legs were shaking and partly cramping up, but after it started cramping i felt like i got my second wind and everything moved alot better even though i couldn’t walk straight during and afterwards.

Dumbell Press

Dumbell Fly

Good Morning (Standing)

Overall it was nice to be back in the gym. I’m looking forward to destroying my upper back tomorrow. I’ll be training with a BBer from my anatomy class. I’ll probably be fucked for the deads on wednesday. My body will adjust. My normal training partner started #37 today and I think he got a nice big kick in the balls like I felt like going through my squats today.

Week 1
Day 2
Weight: ~250

I didn’t train today. my legs are fried from yesterdays squat session. I think the squats are going to be the hardest this cycle if I don’t keep on top of my recovery work. anyways this is not why I am posting. I had a very interesting conversation with my anatomy lab prof. We were talking about how overhead pressing could possibly be bad for your shoulders in relation to benching.

We came to the conclusion that OHP is not beneficial in the long run. With so many muscles attacking in and around the scapula and the end of the humerus it would likely cause the muscles to become pinched between the acromion and the humerus.

Also benching allows the anterior and the lateral delts sufficiently. and the rear delts can easily be supplemented by doing face pulls or other rowing movements. I probaby will stir some shit with people that are reading this, but this is fact through anatomically correct position.

I think whether OHP has a place in someones program depends largely on form and the genetic makeup of the shoulders. I personally feel fine doing it. I do agree though that the anterior delts are hit extremely hard with flat benching. But its just plain fun to lift something over my head!

Week 1
Day 3

Deadlift Up to Knees
50% 3x1x245
60% 3x1x295
70% 3x2x345
75% 3x4x365
Relatively easy for how bad i am at deadlifting

Incline Bench Press

Sped through these


These really helped with shoulder mobility. I was unable to get into a proper position at the beginning and being called out on it really help and it made me push through the pain.

Deadlift From Boxes
55% 4x1x265
65% 4x1x315
75% 3x2x365
85% 2x2x415
I set my max way too high or the pin was too low since I was mid shin. It put me into a terrible position. The weight needed to be dropped by at least 5%.

It was causing pain in my back so I called it a day.

I think I put my SI joint out so I might now be squatting again until teusday when I go to chiro to get adjusted

All my warm up sets were done low bar and they felt a lot smoother and high bar. I need to figure out hand position on them though cause my current set up puts a lot of pressure on my wrists. All sets would have been low bar but after 225 get too hard to get out of the rack because I can’t create a proper shelf since I have shit mobility in my shoulders and thorax and no posterior deltoids to rest it on.

Pause Squats
Hard since I have never done them before today since it seems like make everything hard week

Front squats
Wanted to put some pressure on my quads after squatting so much

Face Pulls

Just to get some blood into the posterior deltoids to create something there.

Lat Pull downs

Overall good session. It took me way too long. My conditioning needs to improve drastically and starting Tuesday ill be doing atleast 30 mins of some kind of cardio so barbell complexes here we come.


Steady State Cardio


Holy fuck am I outta shape. I was ready to be done after the first 5 minute of being on it plus I was bored. I will more then likely start adding interval next week. I’m doing this to aid in recovery and not to be such a BFF. The interval will more then likely be complexes or crossfit-esque

Light Banded Face Pulls SS Light Banded Tricep Push Downs

So this isn’t Sheiko anymore, or?

[quote]DaveForner wrote:
So this isn’t Sheiko anymore, or?[/quote]

Nope, I can’t pull heavy, since every time I pull over 365 my SI Joint pops out cause my deadlift form is utter shit. I want to be able to work on it with out having to worry about recovery. Plus sheiko won’t be sustainable next semester since I have class till 6 monday/wednesday and I can’t train on the weekends sine I work till 7 doing semi physical labor. With training sheiko I feel like shit all the time since I don’t get much more than 7 hours of sleep at most


This was a hell of a lot harder than I wanted it to be. less then one minute between sets gave me a good pump in my triceps and low bar from arching. Wasn’t happy that I missed my 5th rep.

Lat Pulls

Got a good pump in my lats although I think it would have been more effective to do 20x5 instead of the way that I did it.


Did one to many sets as it was and I didn’t even get a pump in my shoulders, the pump was in my triceps, so we now know where my problem lies

Overall good workout hit a good 225 rep PR I had never done anything more than 5 reps with it so I was happy. With all the rep work with the shoulders and lat work today my shoulder deel better then they have been. Hopefully I’ll correct my douchebags shoulder. Tomorrow is a Arms and cadrio day (Yes, You read that right)

Barbell Rows

Didn’t really get a pump anywhere from these. 1 minute rest, I needed to concentrate on pulling shoulder blades together

Rolling Tricep Extensions

Good pump in my triceps. Harder than I thought but then again I haven’t done any sort of rep work in the while.

Hammer Curls

Extremely hard. Biceps have terrible conditioning. Pump was fucking terrible couldn’t move my arms.

DE Deadlift

Stiff Legged Deadlift


Good Mornings

Pfft, now I don’t want to read your log. :wink: