On The Subject of TC's printed edition Atomic Dog

For those of you T-freques who have had the opportunity to read the shiny paper version on T-mag (I suppose this would be the ACTUAL mag of T-mag)I would enjoy sharing my thoughts on the midget stripper escapade. I do not agree with TC’s assesment of the individual’s actions, namely, turning away Thumbalina because she was not the desired height. Often, we are subjected to accepting whatever “they” feel like giving us when we request an item from a store, resturaunt, ect. When a diner fucks up my order, I do not take it and like it, I send it back, same as this man did with his non-midget entertainment. Sure, this woman was attractive and willing to replace (and possible surpass) the services of the MS, however this man was immunable to compromise. Yes, life is a series of compromises and settlement. But do any of you compromise in the gym? With your supplements? Fuck, no, or so I enjoy beleiving. The mofo ordered hisself a MIDGET stripper and fuckit if he ain’t gettin’ one. I mean, shit dog, what tha hell is that about? Pleaze. I’d do right by him and send that ‘ho right back out on her lap dancin’ ass. Escort service be frontin’. Aight, aight, gots me all emotional. I’m out.

"MB Eric: 'Cuz Monkey-dog just didn't sound right. 'Sides, I'm allergic to them friggin' canines anyhows. Since 1982."