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On the Subject of Racism...

Here’s one for you all to ponder:

"In Miami, a radio station ran a vile parody song against Condoleezza Rice. The lyrics went,

'Condoleezza, Condoleezza, what you be doin’? That neo-fascist black-haired token schwarze dog.

Is you there ’cause you a high-toned public Negro? Is you their black-haired answer-mammy who be smart? Does they like how you shine their shoes, Condoleezza? Or the way you wash and park the whiteys’ cars?'

Etc. This was pretty disgusting stuff. And, as the NewsMax story recounts, the Florida NAACP did nothing to stop it, despite being asked to do so. Remember: There is nothing — nothing — so wrong and repugnant that you can’t say it with impunity about a Republican.

Imagine, just for a moment, a white radio station’s running such a thing against, say, Donna Brazile (who was the Gore-Lieberman campaign manager). It would have been on the cover of Time magazine — and then some."

A liberal double standard? No way. I’m shocked. Compare what Trent Lott said recently and the trouble it caused with this:

Senator Byrd:? Losing It Bigtime Stephen N. Reed, HNN Charleston March 6, 2001

By now, you've no doubt heard of Senator Robert C. Byrd's unfortunate remark on the "Fox News Sunday" program.? When host Tony Snow asked Byrd his opinion of race relations in America, Byrd "downplayed" any race problems in America by pouring this gasoline on the issue:

"They are much, much better than they've ever been in my lifetime," Byrd said.? "I think we talk about race too much.? I think those problems are largely behind us...I just think we talk so much about it that we help to create somewhat of an illusion.? I think we try to have good will.? My old mom told me, 'Robert, you can't go to heaven if you hate anybody.'? We practice that."

**Then, Byrd cautioned, "There are white niggers.? I've seen a lot of white niggers in my time; I'm going to use that word.?? We just need to work together to make our country a better country, and I'd just as soon quit talking about it so much."

Hey, Senator Byrd!? Those of us back here in West Virginia would just as soon you didn't talk about it at all!

Byrd later issued this apology from his office in Washington:

"I apologize for the characterization I used on this program. ? The phrase dates back to my boyhood and has no place in today's society.? As for my language, I had no intention of casting aspersions on anyone of another race."

When Byrd allows whatever residue of racism deep within himself to bubble up to the surface, he blames it on his youth.? Clearly, this is no longer an excuse for a man of his prestige.? You don't use the term "white nigger" on a nationally televised news program and expect that to fly in America these days.

The most obvious observation coming out of this latest sorry episode of the former Klan member's history on race relations is that he is losing his sense of decorum, his propriety.? West Virginia deserves better than to have an aging Senator, even one who has done much for the state, losing control on national television.

It is time for Senator Byrd to have the grace to go.? Before he makes an even bigger fool of himself and the state that he tries to serve. ?

Remember Robert:? West Virginia went with Lincoln in the big war

Liberals are the devil.

Robert Byrd = KKK. It’s that simple.

Of course all the black comedians who continually stereotype white people as nerds are not rascist. They’re just really funny and cool.

What’s the difference between the KKK and the Black/Mexican Caucus? Nothing, they’re all racist organizations that promote nothing but divisiveness. These people are also known as the America second crowd; Unacceptable

Howcome black people can say nigger and its good and acceptable, but if its a white person saying nigger its bad? Things don’t make much sense to me in this crazy world we live in…

Blacks say nigga, not the other word.

So, it’s acceptable for a white person to say “nigga,” then?