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On the Strenf

Hi- thought Id log some training here

Im 42 years old 5’6" and working around an ever growing series of shit that creaks when I get up.

work and life keep me from training as frequently as Id like.
as Id type- I wont be able to train for a few days - work and travel.

the bulk of February and March had me tied up with a project that left little time to train
trying to get back into some frequency

that being all said here is what I did today.

4.15.14 some training

two overnights at work
left me for dead for a few days.

jump rope foam mobility
a ton of lunges agile 8

a bunch of power snatches 65 95 115 a few triples each

A squat 95x10 135x100 185x10 225x5 275x5 315x3 335x2 365x1
315 10x2 1 minute rest between sets

B dimel Dead 135 2x20

C1 dip bw 4x15
C2 rear delt machine 4x15

D pull down abs- 3x12

thats it.

halfway thru the 10x2 I felt like I could do this for like 5 hours.
these felt good and speedy.
this was all pretty much high bar.
other stuff- felt like other stuff.

First in. Welcome youngster. I’m reminded of someone you would get along with famously. Nice squatt’in.


Reincarnation. Amazing so many people don’t believe.


4.21.14 some training

travel holiday and a suprise stomach bug kept me from training.
back tonight with this.

a shit ton of mobility lunges cossack squats agile 8 pvc rolling

activation bb complex of
row x rdl x jump shrug x power snatch x overhead squat
95 , 115 3x3

A squat
115x12 135x10 225x5 work 245x5 275x5 315x5 335x2 355x1
EMOM 315 x 2 12 sets 24 reps total
B single leg ham curl 4x10-12
C1NGHR used a bosu and feet wedged 4x6-8
C2 bb roll outs 4x8-10
D db clean and press 30 4x8-10

notes- regular squats felt labored
the EMOM sets of doubles felt awesome- go figure.
I do like these allot but they left me without much gas.
NGHR - these suck ass.
needs work

Solid work. 12 EMOM sets @ 315 is awesome.

Dont worry those sets of doubles- made me suffer the next day

still not feeling 100%

mobility series of lunges cossack squats etc
avoiding any stomach work - as I still have some cramps
wah wah wah

a bunch of cleans- 95 135 155 175 for triples a bunch of sets
steel plates and shitty bars - I miss bumpers at the last gym

A front squat 135x5 185x5 2252x5 245 2x3 265 2x2 300x1
B rack pull from mid shin 225 x5 315 2x5 405 2x5 x3 I suck at these
C chest supported row 3pts 4x6-8
D a bunch of ez bar brocurls 35x20 55x10 75x8 bleh 35x many
E db row - 100 2x10 each bleh out of gas

not a great day- legs felt fine- right elbow was killing me
even with a sleeve on - made front squats very painful
rack pulls these suck donkey balls - I have never liked these.
I can pull more from the floor then I can rack pull or shrug
rows - more volume and frequency please.
db rows- needs work- I think a few training cycles ago 100x20 was pretty easy.
brotard curls- needs more of these get dat pump to flush out the junk
it all needs work

mobility prevention etc
mini step downs a bunch of glue activation

A OH squat 95x10 135 2x5 155x5 185x0
B Squat 185x20 245x20 315 5x2
C OH press 95x5 115 x5 135x3 bleh shut it down
D1 landmine press 2pts 4x8 3pts 3x8
D2 meadows row 2pts 4x10 3 pts 3x10
E 1500m row leisurely 7:18
F spread eagle sits ups - +25 plate 3x10

3rd squat session this week - 185x20 fun.
245x20 def not so much fun.
like at all.
sets of triples- I always want to move something somewhat heavy
OH press- not happening- this time the not so shitty shoulder said no thanks.
landmine press- just jammed a bar in a a corner
same with rows- these felt good.

I need to find some upper body stuffs that is easy on the joints.
lately pullups- any kind of pressing are out.

Hey Kevin. Great to see you. How’s your son? He must be 3 or 4 by now. Squatting three times in a week would leave me crippled. I feel your pain about the elbows aching. I threw a football with my oldest a week ago (both left and right hand I’m fairly ambidextrous) and my elbows have been killing me since.

Thanks Steve.
Good to be seen, my son is 4. And a Giant- weighs 55lbs just a big happy kid.

If you look at the volume- its not that much - im not doing a ton of accessory work
the joint thing- is just annoying- part of slowing down.
shoulders - elbows just have taken a beating over the years

What are EMOM squats?

You remind me of jesus rising from the dead.


^ not sure how that happened.


havent trained in a few days work blah blah blah

mobility a bunch mini step downs x HLR x bw Dip x TRX fall outs 4x10

bb complex row x rdl x clean 95 3x3 35 3x3
A deadlift- 225 2x5 315 2x5 365 x5 bleh
B OH squat 95 2x5 135 2x5 155 x5
C squat 185x5 225x5 275x5 315x5 335x2 355x2 bleh 315 3x3
D 1" eleveated stiff dead 225 x5 275x5 315 2x6
E db clean and press 30 2x15
F rope pull down x face pulls x abs

got stuck pulling before squatting waiting for racks.
pulls felt heavy-
squats felt crappy
stiff deads- been like forever
it all needs work


some training- got in a good day.

500m row mobility stuffs
hang power snatch progressions for activation

hip x knee x floor 95 3x3 115 3x3

A behind neck push press
65x9 95x5 115x5 145x5 155x5 185 3x3
B front squat
135 x 8 225x5 245x3 275x2 295x1
then squat 225 x20
C1 single leg ham curl 5x12+
C2 bw dip 5x12 +
D1 rear delt machine 4x15
D2 chestbrah peck deck thing same as ^ machine 4x15
E trap bar carries 25’ 240x4 290 x 6 330 x x6
bar weighs 60
F TRX circuit face pull x push ups x fall outs- 4x12

push press- I dont know- shoulders and neck felt ok.
not ok enough to do more volume or any significant loads on OH squats
front squat- meh.
225x20 double meh.
rear delts- chest brah thing- probably so much more needed then Id admit too

trap bar carries- so much fun.
this bar weighs 60 lbs- its goofy.

I feel better reading your log. As I am clearly not the only one who’s got this and that hurting and injured.

Those EMOMs are popular with CrossFit, which I did for a month. I remember getting in there one day and seeing “EMOM” and thinking “What the hell is that acronym in the lifting world?”

nice training brah

BTN Push press, is easier on your neck? Now being part of the injured neck club strict OH press is slowly fading away, a lil push seems to help me break that plane. Nice work

thanks peeps

its all not so good for the neck

I think on the BHNPP I an landing the bar on my traps
and keep my neck and head still

regular push press or overhead press- I tend to exagerate pushing the head thru.
and squeeze my neck

I think most people here - and those that have a life time of some kind of training
are all working around broken shit but its good to empathsize

this week is crazy with work-
doing some NFL draft coverage - not the big show.
but still crushed for time.
so im not here as much-


had an afternoon call- so I trained this morning-
not much sleep stiff and creaky

a SHIT ton of mobility-
lunges - bear crawls some tumbling foam pvc etc.

A deadlift 135 x10 225x8 315 2x5 365 x2x3 315 2x5 meh
B1 front squat 225 2x3 245x3 265 x3 295 2x2 225 2x5
B2 pullups 10 x5
C1 db clean + press 30 4x10
C2 pallof press 4x12+

47 minutes door to door really not much rest all I had time for.

racks where full - pulled first- not my favorite thing to do at all
felt like ass doing all this - reading it - seems ok on shitty sleep