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On the Strenf - I'm Back

If you dont log your training did it happen?

Im back fuckers.
Happy New Year.

This will be a catch off of aimless training - poor spelling
random stream of consciousness food pics
and lots of cuss words.
Lots of fucking cussing.

I learned from the the gentle people of the south that cuss- seems to be more apt.

whats good?
turned 50 in October.
still full of black t-shirt anger

for the uninitiated-
formerly kmcnyc- tiny superjock who is aging and perhaps less banged up then usual.

I live work and play in the greater NYC area- and I work stupid hours in the entertainment industry it is even dumber during covid-
more on that if people give a shit.

I used to lift- nothing great.
wrestled in college post college- Judo - Ju-jitsu but not for years
although that might change.

I have tried to find a local gym - there are many in my town -
the ‘cheap’ was like 79$ a month closed.
there is a crossfit a few similar items-
an legit strong man gym- Ive done one off and punch cards there
It was awesome- but its too expensive at 200$ a month.

Soooooo I train at home with limited very limited gear
some kettle bells a pull-up bar bands a TRX and an Iron neck.
yes kind of random.
who gives a shit- far far too much typing.

What else- holidays - happened - I will post food pics-

training - has been off for like a week.
I cracked a crown - Before Christmas got like crazy sick - not covid - but just as bad, from the tooth.
Went for an extraction after Christmas and this Dr she was AWESOME
did the extraction and put in an implant - same day needless to say it sucked for like a week.


training 1/2/21
basic ass shit.

A1 kb swing 50lbs 30-40
A2 pushup bw 30-40
did 4 rounds wanted 5
B1 pair 25llb kb reverse lunge x6
B2 pair 25 lb kb clean and press x8
4 rounds.

thats what I did today.
my jaw is still fucked from the dentist - on a shit ton of antibiotics
drugs suck.
and some pain killers.

Im not smart enough to rest between this too much


Good to have you back


I love that pair of exercises. A backpack and a couple big books can make pushups more interesting.

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Thank you - it’s something really basic.
I like how you think

You’ll see some tricks like that
I have a run I I can load with 60lbs in flat plates
I will load up things like pull-ups and lunges wearing that. Snd in Warner weather I’ll use it for rucks - lodes hikes


Welcome back, young whippersnapper.


Still got the gift of gab I see. Missed you.

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Im feeling the love.
I will catch up on everyone’s stuff soon
Thank you.

I’m on a tv shoot - it’s in the rain and it’s 35 F
Got here at 7. Managed 100 pull-ups (10x10)
Both of those make me feel younger lol.

Turns out not squatting or front squatting for much of COVIDs last two years has healed up my perennial tendinitis in the biceps and elbows - go figure.

Also my jaw is still banged up a week later from
The extraction and implant it was more pain then I thought.


Last two days where outside shoots
The first day 1/5

I did the 100 pull-ups - I also walked 8.4 miles which is average for me at work.
That was something like 22000 steps.

1/6 the next day - I walked half as I was less mobile - I did manage another 100 pull ups as we have a bar rigged on the truck we work off of.

Today 1/7
Jaw is still killing me. - fuck it kinda hurts.

Last two days outdoors - have me laying low.
And feeble.
Managed a small work out session

25 lb kettle bells pair

5 -7-10 reps of a kb complex

BO row
ATG lunge
High pull
Clean and press

These sucked
I got the ATG squats from
Ben Patrick knees over toes guy

It’s been something I’ve been playing with to fix this fucked knee.


I have not posted any food pics here but here is a belated Christmas Eve.

Seven fishes

Whole spread

Tunisian fresh tuna sandwhich

Seafood salad

Baccala dried cod salad

Sardines in soar - sweet and sour onions


Ok been few days.
So I had to go back to the oral surgeon- that implant got infected and it had to go. I was in a good amount of pain.
Im on round two of antibiotics and some pain meds. They offered percoset and I was "HELL NO THANK YOU "

I had a bad time with them when I did my knee - that was 6 years ago -
time fies.

So I went yesterday and spent the rest of the day icepacks naps and on some mild narcotics

I skipped work today - and yesterday -and did a mini work out.

kb complex 25 lb pair
BO row x RDL x lunge x high pull x clean and press x squat
did that for 5, 10 , 10 , 10

there are a shit ton of goofy kettle bell things Im looking into .


Hope you get to feeling better soon.

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Ibuprofen, 800mg x 2 and stay hydrated. Prescribed every ailment, injury, wound, or pain in the military. Hated percoset. Used it one time. Suppose to make you drowsy and help the pain, acted like speed on me, made me hyper as hell, and didn’t do anything for the pain. Heal up.

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Percoset is the devil - acted ilke speed for me too and gave me nightmares.
this is the first day I could work this week yesterday I was a mess.

‘trained’ today.

BPA x pushup x swing

BPA 3x25
pushup +30lb 3x25=75
50 lb kb swings 3x35=100

I used a back pack with a 30b ruck plate for the push ups
they kinda sucked.

when Im healed up I want to get that work capacity up


I love it. Probably because it wasn’t me doing the workout. Walking lunges with the same weighted backpack make a great addition, as do pull-ups.

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during covid lock down I used a 25b kettle bell for hikes -pull-ups etc
then I found "ruck plates - that fit some of the bags I own/use’

so I have two 30 lb ruck plates- that I hike run ruck with and use for
pull ups - push ups lunges etc they make it ‘interesting’

cant/wont gym right now - finances and legit time commitment

going to deep dive on nerdy stuff for now -like a weighted vest/backpack
bw silyness


1.15.21 quick session this afternoon before work.

4 rounds of
50 lb x 20
bo row x 20
goblet squat x 20