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On The Seventh Day, He Cooked!


here is my little industry, some lunch for my work week

see picture !


I'm salivating.

Good work, and a good lesson. I should precook a lot more than I do.


i think i see chicken and veg stir fry, but what is the other stuff?


Looks like beef.

Excellent looking meals, man! I'm definitely jealous! I can't wait till school's over and I have my own kitchen to work with again.


I'm going to do that tomorrow. I haven't had a good stir fry in a while.

Thanks for the reminder.


Do you freeze it until you eat it?


Why do that? That's a day or two worth of food. :wink:


looks like suasage and peppers


Looking good.


Right on brotha. I personally take a package of ten chicken breasts and rap each one in tin foil with hot sauce and butter and stick in the fridge. Toss on the gril for ten minutes and your good to go.


12 meals, that would last me 4 workdays (i eat my other meals at home), that's perfect man.

Tonight is sir fry night. Thanks for the idea.