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On the set of the Living Dead

BW 70kg

wed - rest (a few walks at lunch then to playground with family after dinner), stretching in there too.

thurs -
3 x 5 for incline bench, incline supp row, curls (maintenance)
3 x 20 light KB swings (maintenance)

cardio - eliptical 20min, ave 151 bpm

Core work - bird dogs, planks (front and side), parlof press (bands), dead bugs.

Looking back through older posts in the log…

Some decent numbers, BW steady around 68-70 back then. Similar ay 70kg now but more fat less muscle atm no doubt.

Glutes get tight, resulting in lower back dull pain.

Increasing work on longer deep stretches for glutes. MacGill big 3 plus some other complimenting core work. Going easy on dead bugs till hip flexors settle down.

Fat loss cycle atm - so some lighter maintenance level lifting work, whilst limiting hip stuff (sfa DL’s atm), but some lighter kb swings feeling fine with. then into HIIT on the elliptical or similar.

Running a 20% defecit with more focus on the good fats and high protein. And a lot less processed food.

In all my years I’ve never really focussed on diet. Sure I’ve included shakes, and upped protein for periods. But this is more of an overhaul.

I’m over twinging my back, and my bit of belly fat wouldn’t be helping things.

Anyways… this morning:

22.01.2021 Fri (am) fasted
Similar weights to yest 2x5’s (maintenance), then elliptical then core/stretch warmdown.

Hit 178 bpm max, ave 150odd over my 20mins on elliptical (HIIT)

***HIIT 30sec on 30sec off for first 10min then cruisy last 10min.

Felt good after, brutal during.