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On the set of the Living Dead

Mon (noon) Commercial Gym


2a.Ball slams
2b.Plyo pushups

bar x 6
30kg x 6
40 x 6
45 x 5
50 x 2.5

3b.HLRaises x 8, 9, 9
3c.Facepulls banded x 10, 10, 15

4.Push Press
50 x 3, 3

5.Incline DB bench
7.5DB’s x 10, 10
12.5’s x 8, 8

Average, pushed thru.

Tues (noon) Commercial Gym

1.Mobility + bear crawls

2.Sliding leg curls 3 x 10

3a.Box Jumps x 8, 6, 5, 5

4.Front squats (in socks)
bar x 8
40kg x 6
50 x 5
55 x 5
60 x 4
65 x 2
65 x 2
70 x 1.5 pr

5.SLDL x 7, 7, 7

Solid session.

Thurs (noon) Commercial Gym

1.Mobility + crawls

2a.Ball slams 3 x 6-8
2b.Plyo pushups 3 x 6-8

3a.DipsBW x 6, 8, 8, 8
3b.Ring inverted rows x 15, 12, 12, 10

4.Incline Bench
bar x 15
30kg x 10
40 x 8
50 x 5
60 x 3 pr maybe?

DB12.5’s x 15
15’s x 10
17.5 x 8, 8

5b.DB Rows x 3 sets

Great upper body pump today.

Wed (noon) Commercial Gym

1a.Mobility + bear crawls
1b.Sliding leg curls 3 x 10

2a.Box Jumps x 5, 5, 5
bar x 8
40kg x 8
50 x 6
60 x 6
70 x 3
60 x 6, 3

3.SLDL x 5, 7, 6

Just good to get a session in.

Been training with a PT for the last few weeks and working solely on core, mobility (no injury or anything, just a step back to build a better base).

Nothing heavy weight wise, but still tough work each session. Scap rotation, ankle flexibility, BW squats, etc etc - super strict and tight form.

Done some hill sprints too, otherwise not much to report on.

First time using a barbell yesterday since starting with the PT (front squats), focus on form is the priority .

Still moving everyday.

Today included front squats with 3s hold at bottom, forward lunges with front barbell hold (working the wrists big time). Plenty of mobility work and stretching too.

Still moving every day.

I see your doing heaps of stretching/mobility/core work etc.
Is that because your recovering from something? Changed goals or training for anything in particular?

I find body-weight stuff such as squats, push-ups an pull-ups are great for general mobility etc. Im also a fan of animal crawling, ever tried much of that?


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Hya Birdy,

Mobility and crawls are part of every warmup for me too yes!

Goals are mobility, strength, and needing to function whilst fighting the hours of desk work. Plus started a brewery so lifting and moving full kegs around.

My PT has me working on Olympic lift stuff too, explosive work, etc. But strictly form focus. Nothing heavy weight wise, more higher rep lower weight sets, etc. Working on the oly holds on the barbell too. chest, lats and wrists need lots of stretching prior to loosen things up so to speak.

No injuries other than the lower back getting a little angry now and then. But overall it’s been much better since working with the PT. 3-4 gym sessions a week for me plus plenty of mobility, stretching and foam rolling, etc in between.

Sounds good Raven-Bird.

I like explosive work. Its the fountain of youth. I sometimes fall into the trap of grinding some of my reps of my main lifts. I am interested to see what type of program you are on. Doing any conditioning?

Brewery sounds good. How many beers have you invented??


Typically I’m now working into Oly lifts.

Snatches, Front Squats, Overhead Squats, walking lunges.

To perform the above correctly I need to ‘limber’ up somewhat.
So early exercises revolve around stretching and warming up certain areas like: Calves, Lats, Wrists, Pec stretches, etc.

Program is not set in stone, working on new things each fortnight with my PT. Then I work thru a few of the main lifts after completely warming up and activating the lagging areas mentioned above.

For Example:

  1. Mobility stretching and bear crawls
  2. Calf lower x 20s then into calf raise x max (circa 30s) +40kg on machine x 3 sets
  3. TRX pec stretch 30s x 3
  4. BW deep squat (3 x 10sec hold at bottom) x 3 sets
  5. Wrist stretching + lat stretching x 3 sets of 30s holds
    Then main lifts (usually 2 different movements)
  6. Barbell lunge bar, pause briefly when front thigh horizontal 5 reps each side x 3 sets
  7. Front squat bar + 5 to 10 kg, slow controlled down and up. 5 - 10 reps x 3 sets
    (could also be back squat, walking lunges, cleans, lat pull downs)
  8. Foam rolling

Grip for much of my barbell work now is like first pic here (which is still a work in progress):

Conditioning - some walking, plenty of stretching, foam rolling.

Probably too much beer drinking too.

Overall hips are good, knee is good. I reckon my ankle mobility needs improvement, as does grip work/chest/pec tightness. cleans cut off air supply somewhat when holding the bar.
Lower back is better as I’m waking up muscles seldom used after years of sitting in an office too much.

Mobility warmup work

PT Session with trainer today, moved into Deadlifts and Sumo DL’s for the first time in 6months or so since working with the PT. Plenty of prep work in the background, stretching and other drills to

Form was really good. Weight was light.

Worked up to a ‘measely’ 35kg x 4 x 5-6

35kg x 3 x 5-6

Upper back, core, glutes, hammies all worked over nicely.
No back rounding like I surely used to when previously doing DL’s.

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Aug '17
Still working with a PT.
Plenty of Cleans, clean and jerks.
DL, Squats, lunges, Lat work.
Haven’t benched in months, and haven’t missed it one bit.
Mobility still the focus.

Still lifting 3-4 times a week.

Yesterday for example:

C&J’s up to 40kg x sets of 3
Front paused squats 40 x 5, 45 x 5, 50 x 5, 40 x 3 (iso holds) SS Hanging Leg raises 3x6
Single leg hammy curls seated machine 6-8 x 3
Seated rows (lat pull down machine busy) 3 x 8
Stretch/foam roll

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2018 onward and upward.

Rusty as after a good xmas fortnight off (did have a PT session in there after new years)

C&J’s up to 40kg x sets of 3
Squats 40 x 6, 50 x 6, 6 -ss- Goblet squats 3x10
Lat pulldowns 3 x 10
Seated hammy curls 3 x 12
Stretch/foam roll

Megaset yest:

Clean and Jerks x 2-3 per set
Overhead squats x 6
Step ups with DB’s x 15 each side

Maintaining elevated heart rate during, should help to work off the xmas turkey.

Dang, only three years since my last update.

Add in a daughter turning 3 soon into the equation. Plenty happening!

Still lifting regularly, more core focus required though.

Been hitting the local gym early before work and before breakfast.

This morning (working around sore spots from doms, and avoiding/minimising lower back work for a few more days - although back is feeling great again after physio):

Romanian split squats x 4 sets
Incline DB bench ss pullups
Seated rows ss dead hangs
Facepulls ss leg curls (machine)
Bird dogs, stretching, foam roll

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Shoulders earlier this morning…

Warmup, mobility goodness
OHP – bar 2 x 10-12
Then incremental to 35kg x 10rep sets
Then push press 40kg x 5 x3 sets

Landmine press (single arm) x both sides then a two handed central hold press
Bar x 12, then bar+5 x 12, bar +7.5 x12

Single arm lateral raise (on one knee - Lunge position essentially) ss bent over rear flyes
Banded dead bugs (activating core more by holding only a band to lock in core) ss cobra stretches

2 x20 cal row

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Mobility, stretching, T-Spine work

Push press
Incline DB press ss rear delts
Face pulls

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Recent sessions:

Lots of stretching
2 x 5 for incline bench, incline supp row, curls
Core work - bird dogs, planks (front and side), dead bugs.

~Glute stretching and hip focus on mobility atm along with lower back niggles~