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On the Road to Being Strong(er)


So, I'm back again. Finally back to lifting full go (almost). Still no jumps or running because of my ankle, but hopefully I'll be back to that after New Year's. Anyways, here's what my first workout back looked like:

General warm-up

  • Foam roller on all of back, tris, shoulders.
  • Stretches for shoulders, pecs, tris, lats.
  • Rotator cuff work.

Dynamic Effort Bench

I decided to follow Louie's advice and take 40% of my best floor press (255) and use that for my dynamic work.

Sets 1-3 - 105x3, pinky on ring.
Sets 4-6 - 105x3, index finger on smooth.
Sets 7-9 - 105x3, index finger on ring.

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

Sets 1-3 - 60sx10
Set 4 - 55sx10

I've realized that my conditioning sucks. The 1 minute rest periods were killing me.

JM Press


Still weak as shit.

Barbell Rows/Rear Delt Flye Superset


Barbell Curls

Set 1 - 45x10
Set 2 - 55x10
Set 3 - 65x10

Good thing I can still curl, brah.

Anyways, that was my first workout back. I'm weak and my conditioning sucks. Hopefully I'll be back to where I was in August by Christmas. Most likely not, but adding my big calorie intake back into the equation should solve most of my problems.



You've got your first follower.


Good stuff man. Nice log title :stuck_out_tongue:

Ill be following!



Will definitely be following, you my friend are one of the few of our age who actually knows how to get strong(er).


Thanks, guys. Love the support. Here's my last two workouts.

Max Effort Lower Body

Warm up, stretch, foam roll, all that good stuff.

1) Max Effort Lift - Box Squat

Set 1-3 - 45x5
Set 4 - 95x3
Set 5 - 115x3
Set 6 - 135x3
Set 7 - 185x3
Set 8 - 205x1
Set 9 - 225x1
Set 10 - 255x1
Set 11- 275x1 (Really messy)

My left quad was cramping up so bad during my sets. It's because it seen any activity in almost two full months. There's definitely a strength loss. Oh well, gotta keep pushin' through.

2) Reverse hypers - 4x15x50

3) Lying Hamstring Curls - 4x12x80. I worked each leg separately, hitting the weak leg first. Definitely felt it the next morning.

4) Leg Press - 4x10x405. Nothing too special here.

5) Weighted Sit-ups - 4x10 holding 25 lb. plate.

Max Effort Upper Body

Warm up, stretch, foam roll. Yada yada yada, get on with my workout.

1) Max Effort Lift - Close-grip Bench Press

Sets 1-3 - 45x5
Set 4 - 95x3
Set 5 - 115x3
Set 6 - 135x1
Set 7 - 155x1
Set 8 - 175x1
Set 9 - 195x1
Set 10 - 215x1
Set 11 - 225x1
Set 12 - 235x1. This was a grinder. Hoping for 240 or 245 next week.

2) Rolling triceps extensions - 4x15x40s

3) Wide-grip Lat Pulldowns - 4x15x135

4) Dumbbell Front Raises - 4x15x15s. These were bilateral.

5) Barbell Shrugs - 3x10x315

6) Dumbbell Hammer Curls - 3x10x30s

That's it for now. I have DE squats and deadlifts tomorrow. Should be a blast. Stay tuned.



Tell me about it. I'm the only kid in my school who actually knows what dynamic and max effort means. It's a sad, sad world we live in.



The squat will bounce back up in no time. I wouldn't be surprised if you set a PR in 5 weeks. Also the knowledge base of your peers is negligible at best, just focus on yourself and you'll get stronger.


12/3/11 - Dynamic Effort Lower Body Day

Warm up, foam roll, stretch.

1) Dynamic Effort Squats with doubled minis

Set 1 - 45+bands x3
Set 2 - 95+bands x3
Set 3 - 115+bands x2
Set 4 - 135+bands x2
Set 5-14 - 155+bands x2

I'm guessing that the bands added about 40 pounds at the bottom and 80 pounds at the top. Hurt like hell.

2) Dynamic Effort Deadlifts, no bands.

Set 1-3 - 135x1
Set 4-10 - 185x1

These were fairly easy.

3) Goodmornings.

Worked up to a 3RM of 225. I really felt the stretch in my glutes for these. I'm feeling it today.

4) Weighted Decline Sit-ups holding a 35 lb. plate


Done. Not a bad workout by any means. Squats were kinda slow, but they should pick up pretty soon here. As of right now, I don't think I'm going to do any pendulum wave loading for the squats. I'm just gonna focus on form and speed. I worry about wave loading in about another 6 weeks when I have some more strength back.



Just as a side note, I've finally picked out a meet. It will be the AAPF Nationals in Burr Ridge, Illinois, on April 13-15. Depending on whether or not there's a total requirement, it's almost a definite that I'll be in the meet. I'd probably be looking to total at least 1100-1200 RAW at 198 and 17 y/o.



Monday 12/5/11 - Dynamic Effort Bench Day


1) Dynamic Effort Bench

Sets 1-3 - 105x3, pinky on ring
Sets 4-6 - 105x3, index finger on smooth
Sets 7-9 - 105x3, index finger on ring

I wasn't able to use bands here because my school weight room doesn't have bands, but somehow, my commercial gym does?

2) Incline Dumbbell Bench

4x10 - 55s

Again, these 1 minute rest periods are hell on earth.

3) Barbell Rows

3x8 - 115

4) JM Press

Worked up to 135x5

5) Barbell Curls

Set 1 - 45x10
Set 2 - 55x10
Set 3 - 65x10

Done. Shitty workout. I put my iPod into the speaker system and some bitch cut it off because she didn't like Pantera. Fuck her.



FACT - Most school strength programs/instructors suck. Why not just use headphones? I actually prefer that.


I would, but I'm broke and lost my last pair of headphones. And I just like the whole atmosphere that's set by loud-ass music.



Wednesday 12/8/11 - Max Effort Lower Body Day


1) Max Effort Lift - Bellow Parallel Box Squat

Sets 1-3 - 45x5
Set 4 - 95x2
Set 5 - 115x2
Set 6 - 135x2
Set 7 - 155x2
Set 8 - 175x2
Set 9 - 195x1
Set 10 - 215x1
Set 11 - 235x1
Set 12 - 255x1
Set 13 - 275x1
Set 14 - 295x1
Set 15 - 315x1

Almost didn't get last set. Kind of depressing that my best box squat was almost 405 in August, and yet I'm at 315. BUT, this is a 40 pound improvement over last week, so I'll take that any day.

2) 45 Degree Back Raises

4x12 holding a 45

3) Standing Hamstring Curl


I worked unilaterally, hitting the weaker leg first. Surprisingly, I was able to use the same weight on the weak leg as on the strong let.

4) Leg Press

Sets 1-3 - 3 plates (315 I guess?) x12
Set 4 - 315x25

I just decided to go balls out on the last set and cranked out 25. I was good for another 5-8, but I got a massive pressure headache so I called it quits at 25. I also had trouble standing up after this one.

5) Standing Cable Crunches


Summary: Overall, it was a very successful workout. I'm surprised at the strength rebound in my left leg so far over the past week and a half. I'm setting Valentine's Day as my mark to start setting squat PRs again. I can't wait to wake up to sore legs tomorrow. I love that feeling.



Friday 12/9/11 - Max Effort Upper Body Day


1) Max Effort Exercise - Close-grip Bench Press

Sets 1-3 - 45x5
Set 4 - 95x3
Set 5 - 115x3
Set 6 - 135x3
Set 7 - 155x1
Set 8 - 175x1
Set 9 - 195x1
Set 10 - 215x1
Set 11 - 225x1
Set 12 - 235x1
Set 13 - 245x0.5

Eh, it was whatever. I'll give myself 240 haha. My spotter sucked and gave me a shitty handoff. It's whatever as of right now.

2) Rolling Dumbbell Triceps Extensions


3) Wide-grip Lat Pulldowns


4) Dumbbell Front Raises


5) Dumbbell Hammer Curls


6) Barbell Shrugs


Overall, not a bad night. I decided to be a rebel and snuck some chalk into the gym tonight. Made a huge difference on the shrugs.



I'll be following, too. Let's hope this one is over a page long this time haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep on working dude; you'll be where you were and beyond soon. Always cool to have other lifters with the same age, too. :smiley:


Haha thanks. This one will definitely be updated more frequently than before. I just lost interest in the last ones and had to stop because of other life situations.

^This is my new PR song.



Monday 12/12/11 - Dynamic Effort Lower Body Day

It was a busy weekend so I didn't get into the gym as much as I would have liked, so here's where I'm at for today's workout.

Warm up

1) Dynamic Effort Squats

Sets 1-3 - 45x3
Set 4 - 95x2 + 80lbs band tension at the top
Set 5 - 115x2 + 80 lbs band tension at the top
Sets 6-15 - 155x2 + 80 lbs band tension at the top

I used a clock to keep the rest periods as close to 1 minute as possible and let me tell you, it was brutal. I was gasping for air at the end of the last set. Oh well, my glutes are killing me right now.

2) Dynamic Effort Deadlifts

Sets 1&2 - 135x2
Sets 3-8- 185x1

These were really fast. No bands, just straight weight. I decided to pull conventional today. I'll start pulling sumo once I get some of my ankle mobility back.

3) Regular Goodmornings

Worked up to 235x3. This was easy and I felt like I had another 20 lbs in me, but a PR is a PR.

4) Leg Extensions


5) Weighted Sit-ups holding 45 lb plate


Called it a day. Overall, took me about an hour and a half. I love the adrenaline rush of sneaking chalk into a commercial gym. If one of the trainers gives me a dirty look, I just give 'em the stink eye; that usually shuts 'em up real quick because they know I'm there to work and not to be fucked with.

I also got some dirty looks from one of the out of shape soccer moms that was being trained by one of the equally out of shape trainers because I had the bands attached to the bar. They were actually laughing and making snide remarks about my set up. Ignorant bitches, I tell ya. And then I saw a group of 3 kids my age, maybe 160 lbs each, with their affliction t-shirts on and gloves doing decline dumbbell benches with 45s yelling, "IT'S ALL YOU!!! IT'S ALL YOU!!!" God I fucking hate commercial gyms.




Tuesday 12/13/11 - Dynamic Effort Bench Day

I decided to go and lift at my school's weight room today so I could be with my team. Boy, what a mistake that was. I'll get into this later.

Warm up

1) Dynamic Effort Bench

Sets 1-3 - 45x10
Set 4 - 95x3
Sets 5-8 - 105x3
Sets 6-14 - 115x3

I used all the varying grips as I usually do. Didn't have bands again. Still felt very fast.

2) Flat Dumbbell Bench Press

4x12x60s - 1 minute rest periods.

3) Close-grip Rack Lockouts

Worked up to 205x3


Hopefully I can head up to my commercial gym and finish of my accessory lifts.



Screw em man. When you lift double what anyone else does it dont matter. Keep killin it brotha and let the haterz hate!