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On the Road Help!!!


So I find myself living in Prague, Zlicin in the Czech republic for the next 8 to 10 weeks. I need help building some kind of a routine to maintain what lean mass I have during this break in my training. It's been 2 weeks and things have slowed down sufficiently for me to be in one spot. So what do I have. I have a flat with a metal railed balcony and hardwood floors, myself and a 2 inch band I threw in the bag as I left. Stupid me forgot the 1 and 1/2 inch bands on the bed back home.

What would you guys recommend as a workout routine? I am open to all suggestions and links. Also open to pointers for a local gym that might do a 2-3 month membership, if you know of one.

I am getting a good dose of steady low level cardio in as I am footing or transiting the city with a 15-20KG pack of camera gear on my back. So its no all couch potato city over here.

Thanks in advance...




Hmmm, someone recently had a similar problem. Most suggested body weight exercises although I’m pretty sure the other guy didn’t have access to a gym at all. I will look for the thread and post a link, I’m pretty sure others had some pretty good article links in that one.


Here you go:

Hope that link works. Ace Rimmer referenced some good articles in there, scroll down and click away. Hope this helps.


Thanks Idalux, appreciate that link and the great stuff in there!