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On The Horizon.

Knock knock knock

Hey, Biotest big-wigs, you have a few thousand people wanting to know what you guys are going to be pulling out of your hat.

If we look at the rest of the industry, there are some new things coming out, which seem to be pretty effective, and are based on some pretty neat science.

We know you guys are up to something; a big guess is that you guys are going to have a few new products released without hype-up. Due to the fact that things have been going out of stock recently, it seems fair to think that your manufacturing priorities are…elsewhere.

If we look to the history of T-Mag we see guys (Mainly Chris Shugart) giving all kinds of hints of what’s upcoming. We also see Tim Patterson put on his “brain pants” and hint to some new theory/product more then once.

Don’t we deserve a hint? I understand due to the nature of this business and the tons of people who will get on the phone to china and start ordering raws like crazy the second they know a compound. You can’t say exactly what’s up with the new stuff.

But cant you please, please! Give us some Hints!!