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On-The-Go Workout Equipment

hey guys i work the oil patch out here in alberta and was curious as to what the best on the go exercise equipment everyone would suggest?

stability ball
tubing (with handles)
and bodyweight

perhaps some powerblock DBs, but not sure if you consider that on the go.

I just ordered some Elite Rings gymnastic training rings. I am really looking forward to using them: I will let you know what I think of them once I have worked with them for a while. They are currently being produced and I am waiting (im)patiently.

They are supposed to be great for suspended push ups, all types of pull-ups, muscle-ups, front/back levers, L-sits, etc.

I found them through the and older “Stuff we like” by Shugart.


I am not sure about your goals, but I would look at doing some gymnastics type movements: all you need is your bodyweight, but they are quite challenging.


rings if possible, and a skipping rope.
You can survive for a while with bodyweight training and a skipping rope.

I am a huge fan of skipping ropes as it’s a great workout and a really cheap and easy-to-bring exercise device.

Ab Wheel
COC Grippers
A Kettlebell