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On-The-Go P+C Meals

Im lookin for some Protein/Carbs meals for on the go. Its hard to consume low GI foods on the run, except fruits, unless u have a microwave or oven (sweet potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal). I found a supp. called complex carbs on supplement direct but im not sure what it is. It claims to be low GI and have very little sugar; however, the ad says it can be used for PWO. Would this be ideal to throw into a shake for P+C meal? What other portable P+C meals do you guys use?


If you get some really healthy non-wheat bread (preferably sourdough or sprouted) then its GI can be pretty darn low. Make a little sandwhich out of it w/ tuna and chicken and you are good to go.

Plain Yogurt may also be ok depending on how you handle milk products.

Sunchokes(jereusalum artichokes) sliced raw w/ a little bit of pepper and salt make a good starchy snack. They are crunchy and have a nutty flavor.