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On The Floor Or In The Bed?


Ever since I was young I have always herd that sleeping on the floor was good for your back; and so forth.

So which is better sleeping on the floor, or in a nice, warm, Amercian king sized bed?



When I ruptured my L5 I had a large piece of plywood I selpt on...no joke. I just put egg crate foam on top.

It helps keep the back supported. The bed now must be super firm for me, and if not, I have back aches afterward.


I didn't think this post was about sleeping.


I've always liked the harder mattresses.


Yeah, me neither. And I was going to answer: Start on the bed, get wild, throw yourselves on the floor, and keep going.

But, um... wrong topic.


Sex on bed or floor. Sleep-who wants to sleep on the floor? Does it really matter if it's better for your back.


On the floor you can really bring it home.


Yah, but then it hurts to wear pants or, heaven forbid, kneel on Sunday

Sometimes being Catholic is really a pain...


i definitely like a firm bed and when i first moved in here i couldn't find a bed i thought was worth spending money on so i slept on a pad in my bivy-sack on the floor for about a year and a half.

i really liked it for about 4 months.
then winter came and i liked it quite a bit less, but wtf i'm tough.
then after 9 or 10 months my shoulders started to hurt. and right around a year they hurt all the time and there was obvious swelling on the right side which was messing me up pretty good.

the next half a year i kept one eye open for a bed that wasn't a total piece of shit.

i settled on a tempurpedic and it slept great right off, but really the first month or so i couldn't get over the fact that i'd just spent 1500 on a frickn piece of foam. well, i got over it, and two years later it's gone from a 'shitty piece of foam' to being one of the best things i've ever bought.


After having back problems for a while, I sucked it up and bought a Tempur-pedic. Holy mother of God is that thing magic for me. Took a few nights to get used to, but once I did? Heavenly. My back began feeling so much better in the morning, whereas before it just felt stiff.


Anyone out there every try those sleep number beds? Just curious on peoples thoughts.