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On the Fence About Calories

So I recently read JB’s article on massive eating. After doing the math it relayed to me to ingest around 5000 cals to gain muscle. Holy hell!

I usually steer towards the 3K range with hitting enough protein for every lb. of body-weight.

In a nutshell, now I’m compromised as to which to do. Maybe I will gain quicker using this method yet it’s hard to get that many calories clean and my protein by grams was 391 grams! That being so excessive will turn in to fat, no?

Thoughts, suggestions, experience please…

Are you gaining on 3k a day? Do you feel strong and healthy with that? What are your goals? See where I’m ging? There are a ton of questions you need to ask yourself before following someone elses advice, blindly or otherwise.

feel like i get stronger ,but not bigger. I see what your saying. I might tinker with 4K as thats easier than 5K. My goal is adding 10-15 lbs of lean mass.

I would definitely start with 4k and work your way up, if need be. 5k calories is a shit ton of food. At my biggest I was eating close to that, and to get to that number I’d have to eat burgers and shit. I waas bigger and stronger for sure, but I felt like shit all the time. If you gradually work your way up to that you can probably manage the food intake better than I did.

Im definately with Whiteflash on this one. Jumping into such an amount would almost certainly pack on some fat. I was considering JB’s recommendations for a lean mass phase a few months ago, but realised that I was gaining just fine, strength and size on the amount I was on, which was far less than his recommendations. You simply cannot argue with proof.

Also, be wary of where you are getting calories from…i.e too many carbs, too much fat, too much prot etc…Be sure to find a good macro ratio that works for you. For eg, I personally do not metabolise carbs very well, so when training for mass, I ingest a bit more prot, fats and less carbs. When cutting, there are no carbs…other than a weekly cheat meal.

Goodluck bro,


Doesn’t Berardi usually recommend upping your cals in weekly increments to allow your body to adjust?

Add 200-250 calories every 2 weeks whilst taking time to pick out healthy food choices and keeping an eye on your body composition?

I would be so fat if I ate 5000 calories…

x2 for 200-300 increases

its slow; but if you don’t wanna balloon up; it is the best route.

increase every 2 weeks and weigh in before you increase.