On Test E, Masteron, Proviron. Balls Still Big at 7 Weeks

Running Test E 300mg/wk
Masteron 500mg/wk
Proviron 50mg/day
Armidex .20mg/2x weekk

Have my balls not shut down? They aren’t tiny like many people claim during cycles.

Is my test fake!

Not everyone shrinks, some balls stay the same.

Ive been on a test and deca cycle for 9 weeks and mine are still the same size as they normally are.

Its not a way to determine whether your gear is fake. If your concerned go and get a blood test.

My first cycle I don’t think my balls got noticeably smaller. Once I started BnC it took a few months before they got smaller, and even now they go through periods of being tiny to normal size. No idea why

Thanks guys, good to know.

Ive never had noticeable atrophy at all even after being on TRT for five years now.