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On Tail End of Blast, Issue with Back & Shoulder Pain

Im on trt and currently on month 2.5 of a blast 250mg test every 3d. And adex .25 every 3d. New labs coming next week.

My normal trt regimine does not include adex.

My issue has been for 2 weeks i have been struggling to get adequate sleep and im having upper back and shoulder pains and occasional bicep pains. Ive never had this kinda issue on trt. On a previous cycle when i was younger i had some similar pains when on winstrol at the end of a cycle that was over 10y ago.

I Dont feel like i have an injury and my lifts have been steadily increasing in weight or volume. Ive paid alot of attention to my upper back, traps, and lats as they have always lagged behind my chest and tris.

Ive heard of arimidex causing some joint pains if your e gets too low. But I am not sure if Test can do a similar thing like winstrol will? I have 2 weeks left on my blast but im considering falling to cruise dose a little early.

Im happy with my results and want to blast again in the fall. Appreciate it

You’re mixing two different worlds together, you would get better replies in the pharm section, this is the TRT section.

Gotcha ill move it

We really need to see your bloods. But I will suggest you stop the anastrozole. I use an AI when I’m on my TRT dose because I feel the best with an E2 of 22-26 but when I blast I let my E2 run it only 10-12 weeks your not going to get gyno in that time and I believe the extra E2 protects your joints making them feel more fluid. Only if can’t stop crying will i get out the anastrozole.





Hadn’t considered that concept but ill get labs in a few days when i get back home(on a trip). I can certainly just go off the adex and see what happens in the meantime. What arimidex dose are you running on trt and what schedule?

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TRT protocol is 80-100mg/wk (my choice my doc wants 150mg/wk) SHGB is low at 24-29. Free T runs at the top of the LabCorp range. My anastrozole pills are 125mg. I only take them if I get extra sensitive then I will take one and see if I feel better. If I don’t in 24 hours I take 1 more. I have never had to take more than 3 in one week so that would be .375mg.

Honestly when you are blasting let your E2 run your joint will thank you. When you stop get your E2 down as fast as you can without crashing.