On T400 for a Month, Not Feeling It

Hey guys, first time poster here. Been on a gram of UGL test from two different reputable Canadian brands and I am waiting for the kick in still. I am 32 days in at this point. No sex drive increase, spontaneous erections, or that generally alpha feeling. The T400 is a blend of cup,enan, and undecanoate, and I’ve been pinning 100mg prop ed for the last two weeks from a different lab than the T400. Both are considered two of the best in the country and everyone knows them. I have been taking aromasin at 25mg eod for the last two weeks also. No acne or oily skin/minimal bloat imo. Trying to figure out when this stuff will kick in for me? Ive been off for 4 months and ran a good PCT. Ready to be an animal again.

33 days.

Fake gear?

If its Medistar T400 (dont confirm or deny, but that blend is very unique) then I didn’t feel it for about 3 weeks and was totally where you are in wondering if its legit. I was running it at 1200mg weekly with a 2000mg frontload, and it took precisely 3 weeks before I starting getting monster pumps, rando boners etc…

At 32 days Id be a little more worried.

There are alot of pictures of their gear on the net.

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[quote]PAINTRAINDave wrote:
I starting getting monster pumps, rando boners etc…

-PTD [/quote]

I love T400!