On T Therapy for About 2 Months, Not Feeling Different

So I have been taking injections of 0.25 ML of Testosterone Cypionate. When last I posted my numbers where around 150 free test and I am 35. I got my two week test back which I took about middle of the week. (Inject on Thursday, took it Tuesday morning). It was 336, which according to the charts is in range. But I was told this is a very small dose, and I think someone else here had said it would not even be helpful.

I don’t honestly feel all that different, my sex drive is better than it was but not by a lot. My energy is still pretty low. Is my range on TRT supposed to be HIGHER than it should be I think i was told my normal range should be 500 for my age? Anyway, not sure if this is good or not.

Your number shows your dose is too small. You would still be below range if labs had not changed their ranges a year or two ago as it used to be 350 at the bottom. The fact that you took labs 2 days before injecting means that you would have dropped even more still. Most like too see labs at trough which is the day of injection before injecting.

Even though I still believe it is not enough test to serve you, you should be waiting at least 6 weeks for labs as your body is still adjusting. 2 weeks is too soon for labs.

500 is still too low IMO, unless your free t can get above mid range there. You really need to find a new doc. Wish you the best brother.

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.25ml is how many mg?

If your vial is 200 mg per 1 ml then you are injecting 50 mg a week. Which is most likely not enough.

.25ml is a volume. It isn’t a dosage.

Agreed though that you’re likely taking too little.

You should have posted in your existing thread.

Your dose is way too small. It should be at least doubled.

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Describing dosing in ml is only going to cause confusion, I don’t want to know the volume of hormones injected, I need to know the strength in mgs. Most men need between 100-160mg weekly split up dependant on SHBG levels, some men need 200 or more per week do to hypersecretion.

This dosage is inadequate and you need to make some other arrangements, if you want a doctor that knows what he’s doing you should seek a private doctor in anti-aging or sports medicine or figure out everything on your own.

Doctors working in the managed health care system usually are not very knowledgeable in TRT, there’s no standard of care. Your doctor should be targeting high normal Free T levels, SHBG is a good biomarker for choosing the appropriate protocol.

Your doctor shouldn’t be targeting a number, he should be targeting symptom resolution as well.

TRT will not work when there are thyroid problems, most doctors fail at proper diagnosis and treating thyroid problems.

Agreed, dose way too small.

The box says 2000 mg/10ML (200mg/ml) if that information helps. also i have been tested for all my horomone levels more than once, i had a issue effecting my pituitary which they believe is what is causing me issues here. My thyroid levels were always fine.

Generally proper internet Etiquette, says its not good to resurrect a dead thread (old thread). If that is a rule here than my bad hehe but generally doing so is frowned upon.

Oops okay I dunno why I put two week test, meant two month! lol.

That would mean you are taking 50 mg of Test. Is that a week? Twice a week?

I kind figured that after looking at your title of your thread.

While it may not be proper ettiquite elsewhere on the interwebs to revive a thread, here it helps to maintain a thread. That way it keeps all your related info in one area so people know your info (labs, symptoms, protocols etc.) without having to search various threads or ask you more info you may have already provided. Which in turn will make it easier to answer any questions or provide any advice.