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On T-Dawg 2.0 & sick

Hey all,

I’ve been on T-dawg2 for 2 months now and on Friday I got the flu. The problem I’m having is nothing to do with keeping food down or not getting enough p/c/f but instead my training sessions. I workout 3 times a week and do 5x5 but I can?t do anything anymore. I was 100% committed to working out today and not letting the flu affect me but every single muscle in my body was aching and I had no energy. I normally start with chin ups and I couldn?t even get one! So I just did 3x5 and the weight was 50% what I normally do…even that was a challenge.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I mean I?ve made some great progress and I CANT let this stop me so I need your help!!

Here is what I’m working with:

Cal: 1720.4
Protein: 218.9
Fat: 63.5
Carb: 70.4

Like I said I have no problem keeping anything down I just havn’t got a shread of energy.

Any suggestions would be great!


Take 3-4 days off if you’re sick. It’s counter productive to put your body under stress when you’re sick.

I know how you feel; the martial artists in my group are the same way (we have people who should know better trying to train with dislocated ribs and recently broken bones). It’s a question of “Am I hurt too badly to train effectively? Should I sit out and take notes instead?”

So here’s a rule of thumb;
a) if whatever’s hurting is below the neck, sit out.

  • the exception would be something debilitating like a concussion.

b) If you can’t physically go through the exercise in a manner that’s useful and effective, sit out.

Since you had to drop your poundages so far, you’ll probably need to rest. Go for complete rest, lots of water, and adjust your calories and carbs for your different activity level. Rest until you’ve felt completely recovered for one full day–then go at the weights again. If your illness was triggered by overtraining, this rest should help your progress in the gym, too.