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On 'Roids? Comebacks


I've been bodybuilding naturally for a couple of years now and just did a show last April (that wasn't natural). Now that I'm bulking up and am getting a little heavier every week, I'm commonly asked by ignorant people if I'm "On 'Roids". Does anybody have a decent comeback for this idiotic question? It would help to spite these bastards back to the curl machine and ellipticals where they belong.


I've always found that "No" seems to work.


"No, but it looks like you definately do not."


I have found that getting mad or trying to put the other person down is counter-productive and does not accomplish anything. First of all, why is the person asking? Either this person is smaller than you and wants justification for being small or else this person is trying to strike up a conversation. If it is the latter and this person is just trying to find something to say to "break the ice"--so to speak--in order to ask a few weightlifting question, then being rude will not only not help this person learn, but will also kill your chance of dropping some knowledge on this weak, mentally deficient and social inept individual.

That being said, whenever someone asks if I am on 'roids I usually respond, "What are those?" with a quizzical look on my face. That puts the ball back in their court which will either make them shut up (because they don't really know what they are) or they will get to the point of why they are interrupting your workout to accuse you of taking an illegal substance.


No, they are trying to find out if you know where they can buy some.


Usually, "No, thanks for the compliment" works.


Propose a drug test.

When you fail you will pay for it + donate a certain amount of money to a foundation for public utility or something like that.
If you pass the test the one who asked you should pay and donate.

Other possibility: Sell him some Candy and tell him therse are steroids that would make him hyyooge. => easy money :smiley:


just say im blessed with ronnie colemans genetics.lol


"Are you Babalu?"


tell them you're on these new drugs, called "Asteroids"...and procede to talk about how great they are. most people don't catch on very quick to the fact that you're mocking them....


No works fine.

Btw getting angry like someone said perpetuates the "roid rage" stereotype, no matter how tempting it is.

I like the asteroids comment. In fact it reminds me of the kid I overheard who has AWESOME arms and pretty decent upperbody but pussy legs. He said he's going to "be taking lower body steroids". I felt like telling him he's in luck because my anus is a lower body steroid dispencer, then pinching off a nugget and stuffing it down his throat.

Like I said, no is fine. Btw I'm a lil confused. The not natural show that you where in, did you juice for it? BTW, I know it's VERY VERY possible to gain without gear but just curious how your gaining right now to the point that people are aksing? Massive eating? Muscle memory? ARE YOU ON ROIDS?


It depends of the situation...

If it seems a legitimate question, I usually say "No, that stuff isn't for me."


If it seems like a BS question or I don't like the vibe I'm getting from the person I'll say..

"Are you on Dunking Donuts???"
"Yeah, I take PREDNISONE, it works wonders"
"I don't even lift, wtf are you asking me THAT for???


Yes, but Preperation H and Tucks pads seem to help.


"No I'm not on steroids, but thanks for asking"

Make sure you don't give them the satisfaction of showing emotion in your answer.


I usually reply very humbly: "no if i were taking steroids, I'd be a lot bigger than this."



That is always my reply. It's funny to watch some of the faces get that puzzled look.