On my way

Well today I met my first real-life powerlifter. And boy am I stoked!! He convinced me to think about competing in a few months and he offered to help me with training (this way I will know if my form is right or not!!)

So I have been officially converted, but I still want to be lean and agile. So does that make me some sort of training bi-sexual?? I can’t decide so I go for both?.. I get so confused when I let my mind wander.

I don’t see why you can’t be successful, lean, and agile as a pler. You will just have to pay more attention to diet than most and maybe and extra gpp session.

Looks like a lot of people are looking to get into the sport of powerlifting. I take it “the education of a powerlifter” brought tears to more than one t-man’s eyes,lol. Good luck and hopefully you’ll be on your way to big pr’s.

short dave go to elite fitness go to the training logs section there you will see a post that says “ron palmer deadlifting” click on it…i train with him i weigh 280 and he is stronger than me, it will show you we come in all shape and sizes lol… he is considerd the strongest powerlifter pound for pound in the world the only man to total 12 times his body weight and he is lean as hell…bm

sully looked pretty lean in his lifting photo’s,and Brad C is ripped in is strongman photos…

Your leaness will depend on your diet, not your training. Agility has nothing to do with weightraining, agility is improved by practicing specific agility drills. In other words, powerlifting will not have any negative impact on your physique compared to bodybuilding. If you are worried about such muscle groups as bicep and calves which don’t receive as much work when powerlifting, then add in a supplementary workout for these groups.

Hey Dave,
Does this mean your going to be training with Pancho and his boys from now on? If you’re serious about getting strong, that will be great for you.

Check out JackAss’s Pic, which is somewhere in the photo section. He does westside training. He’s huge and lean…

Jack Ass:

you da man! Looking forward to seeing you on Raw or Smackdown one day…


HOLY CRAP!!! Thanks for the replies guys, I would love to one day be comparable to Jackass, thats huge. I was just worried because most of what I have read from people about gaining muscle pretty much states that it is hard to lose fat and gain muscle. And it seems as though most PLer’s load up on the food ( I am probably wrong, but that is the impression that I have gotten).

Loop: Thanks man, your advice is money as usual.

Skman: I don’t know if I will train with Poncho or not but, I will definately be talking with him about it. But I am definately serious about getting strong… no desire for weakness here.

BM: (man those initials… The library is where homeless people go to shave and make BM -Family guy) I looked and looked at elitefitness and couldn’t find who you were talking about man.