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On my way to a one arm chin

Hey guys. I was just messing around today with my new wrist straps and I ended up doing 10 assisted one arm chins. Assisted by having my left hand on my right wrist.

I dunno, I was impressed with myself with the progress I’m making. Not to mention I’m starting to see abs! Sometimes I just look in the mirror and can’t help but be happy seeing the progress I’m making.

Right. I’ll shut up now. I need to make my pemmican lol.


That’s what it’s all about – progress. If you’re noticing changes, then congratulations.

Use it to futher motivate yourself.

hey neil were those wide or close grip chins?


…brings back bad memories of one your earlier posts…

No you didn’t.

I think I spot a dissenter out there.

Too funny, Machine!


Wow - that’s totally outstanding, Neil! Last summer I
worked my way up to 21 chest touching the bar chins.
Plus I was able to do 4 reps with a 45lb plate hanging
from my waist. So I figured I was ready to perform my
first one arm assisted chin. Well, I failed miserably on
countless attempts. Picture a spastic tree frog
dangling from a branch

Haven’t tried since :frowning:

Please get your terminology right. What you’re talking about is a one-handed chin, not a one-armed chin. A one-armed chin is just that, where you use ONE arm, not one to grab the bar and another one to grab your wrist.

you need to have in the bag the chin + bodyweight BEFORE you can THINK about one armers.

just thought you should know.


Joey Z-You could only do four reps with a 45 but could do 21 with BW? Thats messed up. The most i could ever do is 8 pullups but i could do reps with a 35.

I’m similar to Joey Z also. I can only do 5-6 reps with a 45 but I can do 20 total chins.

Char’s the man, it’s terminology.

Take myself. I can do a couple of those 1 handed things (with the other hand on the wrist) but it all falls to crap if I try to do a true one armed pullup.

Also I find the grip position alters results too. Chins I consider as having your palms facing you, with pullups being palms away. And I can do different amounts of each, I find chins easier to do more of.

Goldberg - My explanation: I’m only 5 foot 7.5 and
look like a shrunk down version of you. (Same hair
cut too!) At my BW and limb length it’s easier to
do a high number of chins. Adding a 45lb plate is a
different issue because it represents a higher %
of my total BW than it would with someone of
your size.

Don’t know what Jason’s deal is though.

The heavier you are the less difference extra weight makes.


Char - Point well taken! I “tried” mine with one hand on
the bar and the other supporting the wrist of the working

Joey Z, I’m also 5’7 and only weigh 160 right now so I guess that explains it.