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On my Third Cycle, How Does my Plan Look?

So finished 3rd cycle. No haven’t bought the book. All internet input. I work out 3 days one week 4 the next . 3-6 2 mile brisk dog walks a week. Hope to get weighted vest this spring.

Bench 5 pro first set last
Pull up 30
Face pull 3x10 90#
Bicep curl variation 3x10 55#
Travel push down variation 30. 120#

Trap bar dead lift 5 pro first set last
Crock row 20 x65
Dumbbell shrug 100#. 3x10
Front raises 3x10

Squat 5 pro fist set last
Calf raise 3x10
Lying leg curl 3x10
Leg extension 3x10
Leg press

Shoulder press 5 pro first set last
Lat pull down 3x10
Face pull 3x10
Bicep variation 3x10
Tricep variation 3x10

Maybe if you’re going to ask Jim for advice, you should be willing to compensate him for his work, rather than pirate it. This stuff isn’t expensive.

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1 was asking the general public. People do it here all the time.
2. Which one. Do the later ones cover all ones before it. I’ll buy one if will please the court.

Ordered beyond.