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$ on mrp and supps monthly


how much do you all spend on mrp's and supps a month. i'm at about 200 a month, how about all of you?


Around $20 on MRPs and less than $10 on vitamins.


Whatever it costs for 16 servings of Surge a month. (Well, plus an extra 80g of malto/dex, but that costs basically nothing.)


IKE besides surge you dont drink mrp's? I know surge isnt an MRP btw.


Too much.

200$, sometimes 300$.


3scoops of grow per weekday and 3 scoops of surge post workout plus a cheap multi and flax oil. all up about $NZ165 or $US80.
All my money goes on steak and chicken. yum


About $200 for supps and $200-300 on food.


Less than $100 on supps, but an arm and a leg on food.


Between Protein Powders, Surge, BCAA's, Fish oil, vitamins and Fiber pills I spend close to $10/day, or $300 per month.


um...about $150 a month on supps (Grow, Surge, Relentless, fish oil, flax)

and about $350 on actual food. Man, its a good thing I don't drink alcohol or I would be one po bastard!


I need to make an adjustment to my previous total. I'm coming off of a diet, starting a Westside-style program. I'm going to have to up the calories, so I'm switching to some more MRPs. My total supplement bill should be in the $70 range. But my food bill will lower some.


I guess between $100 and $150. I always have some MRPs on hand for between meals, some cheap Whey Powder for post workout, and a buncha Prot. Bars to always toss in my bag when I go out.