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??? on massive eating food combos

Hello!i was reading the massive eating articles and i came upon this part

It’s well known in the research world that eating carbs and protein together also creates a synergistic insulin release (much like the fat and carb meals above). But in this scenario, that insulin release is just what we want. By having a few meals per day that cause high blood levels of insulin, carbs, and amino acids (as long you don’t have chronic high blood levels of insulin all day long), the body tends to become very anabolic, taking up all those carbs and amino acids into the muscle cells for protein and glycogen synthesis. And since there’s no excess fat for the fat cells, fat gain is minimized.

my question is on the last part…it seems like it says that ‘excess fat’ is the only thing that maximizes fat gain…wouldnt it just be any type of calorie,wether excess fat,carb or protein…???thanks!

Yea, to a degree your right, however it’s much easier for your body to store dietary fat as body fat (w/ insulin of course), than carbs and especially protien. Your body has to waste a lot of energy to process other macros into fat. The carb tolerence depends a lot on the individual person though, some can more effeciently use carbs while others can really effeciently store them.