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On Line Diet Sites?


I am 47 years old and have been lifting seriously for two years. On eyear ago, I subcribed to the abs diet and Wow, I GOT REALLY LEAN, DOWN TO 5.9%! I love the precribed diet and the easy to make meals with recipies.The abs diet online send you the grocery list the menu and the rewcipies. This make it a no brainer making your meals for the day and week.

Heres the problem, I want to add MUSCLE mass to my frame and this diet sorely lacks in protien. Does any one know of a site that will provide similar meal plans and recipies base on my body weight and goals?

I have started for the first time with a trainer in hopes of entering into a show, he wants me to consume 200 grams of protien, 180-200 grams of Carbs and 80 grams of fat. I am finding this very difficult after getting used to the preplaned menu I was using. I am getting frustrated and FAT! Any other advice. Iwork harder than almost everyone in the gym, my trainer calls me "animal", I really want to get to 50 (yrs old) an RIPPED!